Be there on Sunday morning

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 20, 2005

On Sunday, some 40 members of our local Army National Guard unit will leave Greenville and move to Andalusia, where they will await deployment on Monday.

Every one of these brave citizen soldiers makes daily sacrifices to serve our country. They're separated from friends and family. They put themselves in harm’s way continually.

Our steadfast support of our men in uniform must be equal to the commitment and burden they shoulder. It does not matter if you are opposed to the war in Iraq or in favor of it; as Americans, we can all agree to support our troops.

We should provide our soldiers with the best training, weapons and armor available, but we must do more.

We must also make sure that they have a strong morale, and that is as strong a weapon as any gun, tank or missile.

Remember, the long days of World War II were not won by guns and soldiers alone, but by their knowing that the people at home supported them.

Supporting our troops doesn't need to cost a lot. For a few dollars, anyone can send a care package or buy a phone card for a soldier to call home. For virtually no money, we can show our thanks by simply sending a card or writing an email. These simple, heartfelt gestures show we are unified when it comes to honoring our soldiers' service.

And this Sunday morning, we can start showing our support by gathering at the Greenville National Guard Armory with our patriotic objects and American flags and let these men know that Greenville, Alabama, stands behind them.

The event starts at 8:30 a.m.

Be there no later than 8:20 and let's have such a crowd that we'll line the streets out of town with our people waving them on to, and praying for, their quick and safe return.