Industry growing, changing locations

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 25, 2005

Construction Components Inc. is moving.

No, they're not moving out of town, but rather across town to the Greenville Industrial Park off of Ala. Highway 185.

The announcement came from Brooks Day, president of Construction Components who said his company has been in operation in the Greenville area for 40 years and will soon occupy 16 acres in the industrial park.

"The move is brought about for several reasons," he said.

"Mainly those are the ownership of the property, a need for upgraded facilities and to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Federal Renewal Community Zone Program."

He pointed out his existing building has been in place since 1965 and that Construction Components does not own the buildings.

"The buildings we are in now have been here since 1965, and they are getting in deplorable condition," he said.

"The owner does not live in this part of the country any more, so they don't want to spend the money to upgrade the buildings. When we get to the new facility, it will be our building to do with as we please."

Day offered Mayor Dexter McLendon his thanks and to Economic Development Director Ricky McLaney for their efforts in making the decision to keep Construction Components in Greenville an easy one.

He also said several communities had approached him about moving the company to their towns.

"It is always good to see 'existing industries' like Construction Components recommit and expand in Greenville," McLendon said.

"This deal is being built through the Butler County Industrial Development Board," Day said.

"They are working on getting me a low-interest loan and I'll pay it back, but it will only be at 4 percent interest rather than 6.5 percent interest."

The $625,000 capital investment will be another feather in the new industrial park's cap, but Day said time is a factor.

"We are having some problems getting the construction going because the rain is slowing us down," he said.

"We had hoped to be in the building by the first of the year, but it looks like it will be February or March of next year."

The company manufactures roof and wall trusses for the housing industry.