City has risen to the occassion for evacuees

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Camellia City has really shown its true colors these last several days. There has been an outpouring of clothes, food, water, but mostly affection that has been showered on the displaced families of Hurricane Katrina.

Some of the things we need to remember is that these families are already assimilating into our schools, our churches and our workforce.

Now is the time to open our hearts, spirits and minds to fully accept them into our community.

The residents of Greenville who have opened their homes, their hearts and their wallets need to be thanked for what they have done and for what they have given these last few days. They have tried and, we believe, have succeeded in bringing relief and hope to those who are trying to put their lives back together and build new ones.

However, a ‘thank you’ is not what the city of Greenville really wants in return. To see the smiles, to share the tears and to give and receive hugs with our new citizens is all the thank you anyone of us really needs.

There are some times when words just aren’t necessary. And this is one of them.