Plane crashes taking off in Greenville

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 17, 2005

A small passenger plane carrying three individuals crashed at Mac Crenshaw Airport in Greenville on Friday afternoon.

The extent of the three men's injuries was not life threatening, said Lt. Gary Martin with the Greenville Police Department.

"One man had a broken leg while another had face lacerations," said Martin.

The three were transported to L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital for treatment after the crash. Names of the three men were not available at press time.

Frank Pouncey, who witnessed the crash, said the three men were from California and had arrived the night before after purchasing the plane in Florida. Two of the men were actually from Hungary. He said they took off from Greenville in the afternoon but something went wrong and the plane crashed near Airport Road, just inside a chain-link fence that surrounds the airport.

"They got up and then down she went," said Pouncey.

Janie Mullins, of Greenville, also witnessed the crash. She was driving down Airport Road when she saw the plane turn almost "perpendicular" to the ground.

"I actually thought it was going to crash in the road," she said.

Jason Pouncey, a fireman with the Greenville Fire Department, said when he arrived at the scene of the crash the plane was not in flames, but fuel was leaking from the aircraft. As a precaution, the fire department saturated the plane and surrounding area with water.

Martin said the Federal Aviation Administration would be investigating the cause of the accident.