Students show faith and hope at rally

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 24, 2005

In this day and time, so many people claim that they have certain civil rights and freedoms, and some will do whatever they feel is necessary in order to obtain or keep them.

People have given their very lives for something they believe in so strongly. That kind of conviction is admirable, praiseworthy and worthy of respect.

Each and every person has protected rights and freedoms under the Constitution of the United States, and these should be validated and upheld as stated by law. However, there are those who shout to the rooftop that everyone else should follow their ideas, their convictions.

The freedom of religion is one that has come under much fire and scrutiny all over the United States in recent years, up to this very day.

The phrase "Under God" has recently been removed from the Pledge of Allegiance in some California school districts.

In light of this, it is absolutely refreshing and encouraging to see young people from schools all across Butler County participating in the 'See You at the Pole' event this past Wednesday, Sept. 21.

This is a voluntary event. Students are not forced to come. No one's civil liberties are being violated. They simply have the right to assemble, pray, sing, and worship God as they so desire. The fact that so many young people participated is uplifting. It gives hope for the future.

Last Wednesday, young people from all over Butler County showed that their religious beliefs and convictions are strong and alive. May they continue to carry that faith with them into adulthood.