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Dear Web Reader,

Welcome to Greenville Advocate and Luverne Journal Online. Enjoy your visit and please bookmark our site so you can visit us regularly.

The Internet is an exciting and useful medium and we are excited about the new doors our web site opens, not only for us, but also for our readers, advertisers and community as a whole.

The days of paper and ink are by no means behind us. Nor is our electronic edition designed or intended to replace the printed edition, now or in the future. Instead, it was developed to compliment the print edition of The Greenville Advocate and allow us to extend our reach and further meet the needs of our readers and advertisers.

Key features of our website include:

Information found in our traditional printed edition such as obituaries, news stories and photos, columns.

Links to other resources, other newspapers, and other community organizations that have a presence on the worldwide web.

Opportunities to interact with staff via email and to respond to and react to stories, columns and editorials.

A place to reach non-traditional newspaper readers (as well as traditional readers) with an advertising message.

Thanks to the Internet, our doors will never be shut. You can submit a classified ad or letter to the editor, get information concerning home delivery or advertising services or simply catch up on the news. And, most importantly, you can do any of these things 24 hours a day whether you are in Greenville or thousands of miles away.

Please visit our website regularly and let us know what you think by dropping us an email. We are sincerely interested in your input.

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The History of The Greenville Advocate

The Greenville Advocate was established in 1865 by James B. Stanley who served as editor and publisher for more than 70 years until 1935. J.G. Stanley assumed control of The Advocate in 1935, and served as editor and publisher for 32 years until his death in 1967. J.G. was succeeded by his son-in-law, W. Eugene Hardin, who served as editor and publisher for 27 years until The Advocate was purchased by Boone Newspapers, Inc., in 1994.

The History of Butler County, authored by John Buckner Little of Forest Home, outlines the early history of the county between 1815 and 1885. In this volume, Little describes the origin of The Greenville Advocate and its prominence nationally and internationally as a newspaper. The Advocate was awarded the first premium of $100 and a Gold Medal at the Southern Exposition in Louisville, Ky., in 1983, for being the best county weekly printed in the Southern states.

Since that time, The Advocate has been awarded numerous honors via the Alabama Press Association

It was noted in the Oct. 25, 1990 Special Edition of The Advocate that three of its editor-publishers had been inducted into the APA Hall of Honor at Auburn University, namely James Berney Stanley, Foster Webb Stanley, and John Glenn Stanley. Candidates for induction into the Hall of Honor are only eligible after their death.

Currently, The Advocate oversees the functions of its sister newspapers, The Luverne Journal, The Lowndes Signal and The Butler County News.

Gone from the multi-newspaper family base at Greenville are the rotary printers, hot lead linotype machine and the acid-burning etching machine that all at one time were essential to the production of the newspapers of the surrounding area. All publications are paginated on computers on site in Greenville and and transported to the Andalusia Star News via Internet connections and printed there.

The History of The Luverne Journal

The Journal as we know it today had its origin in Rutledge, Ala., in 1888.

In 1890 the first newspaper to be printed in Luverne was published under the banner, The Luverne Enterprise, with Matthew Tucker as editor and publisher until Oct. 7, 1890, when he sold his business to Toiler Publishing Company.

The owners and status of the paper from 1893 through 1895 are vague, but in 1896 J. M. Sanders and C. B. Carter, who began publication under a new name, The Luverne Journal, purchased the paper.

From 1896 until 1951 The Journal changed hands several times, until Owen Reeder purchased the paper in 1951. In November 1959, the editor of The Journal, Mr. Alvin Bland, became part-owner and business manager, while Mary F. Reeder continued as editor and publisher. In January 1960, James R. Morgan purchased a part interest in The Journal, and in July 1969, Morgan was named assistant editor. On Jan. 1, 1971, Bland and Morgan assumed ownership of the paper, having purchased the Reeder interest, and continued to operate the paper until its sale to Boone Newspapers in 1997.