The power of prayer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In recent years, many have been horrified by stories of youngsters shooting classmates and teachers, and tales of

women and children suffering from terrible abuses at the hands of those who should protect them. Kidnappings, rapes and molestations are seen all too frequently in the news.

A Georgiana resident believes she has the answer to this mayhem: warfare, of a spiritual kind.

Dimple McInvale, a native of south Butler County, has written a new book to help &uot;stop the forces of darkness masterminding school shootings and other atrocities.&uot;

McInvale’s book, &uot;Prayers, To Cast Out Demons, Heal the Sick, and Raise the Dead,&uot; features deliverance prayers that families can use as &uot;a spiritual warfare guide.&uot;

McInvale’s past experiences led her to urgently want to help others escape such horrors.

&uot;I was born into an abusive situation, and I know what it’s like for others to suffer,&uot; McInvale said.

Her desire to help others overcome tragic situations led McInvale to work with battered women in shelters in Montgomery for more than 25 years, along with support groups in prisons, churches and apartment complexes all over the city. She headed a ministry called New Beginnings Chapel in Montgomery to minister to street people.

During her husband Glenn’s days in the military, McInvale got the opportunity for Christian ministry in other countries, including helping to build a Baptist Mission Church in Keflavik, Iceland, and ministering to the needy in Rota, Spain.

She also sought to grow her prayer life day by day.

&uot;God opened my eyes to the unseen darkness in our world the Bible teaches of,&uot; McInvale said.

Her compassion for others, concern over the spate of school violence and her active prayer life led McInvale to write her book of prayers this year.

&uot;My major concern in what is happening in the schools today. My daughter-in-law is a principal of a school in Montgomery County, and I know a lot of things go these days that shouldn’t be.

&uot;I’m hoping to save the lives of children, families teachers, and school staff through this book,&uot; McInvale said.

Within her book are prayer guidelines and scripture quotes for teachers, for teenagers, for home and family, battered women and other special needs.

McInvale also offers prayers for deliverance from unclean spirits and demons, storms, hurricanes and other natural and supernatural tragedies that strike many souls.

More than 30 deliverance prayers are shared in the 88-page soft-cover book.

Chaplain Lindy Waight said of McInvale and her writing, &uot;Dimple McInvale’s insight to spiritual warfare is second to none. She uses God’s Word to transform lives. She is truly instrumental in setting the captives free, through the blood of Jesus.&uot;

McInvale sees a special need for deliverance prayers among church-going people, &uot;many of whom have never been taught to pray deliverance prayers, or that they have the God-given authority to use the precious name of Jesus to stop Satan in his tracks.&uot;

A copy of McInvale’s book can be obtained through sending a $10 donation to: Dimple McInvale Ministries, P.O. Box 267, Georgiana, AL 36033.

Pam’s Creations at 246 S. Palmer St. in Georgiana also carries copies of the book.

McInvale’s phone number is (334) 376-5697. Pam’s Creations can be reached at (334) 376-2423.