Be at peace this Christmas season

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2005

In 1977, Bing Crosby invited a well-known English glam rocker named David Bowie to participate in one of the most memorable Christmas specials ever. The two men couldn't have been more diametrically opposed, but they came together for a performance of &#8220The Little Drummer Boy,” still recalled as one of the more beautiful renditions of the 1958 song.

Bowie kept time with Crosby's deep baritone, ad-libbing additional lyrics to the song, singing &#8220Peace on EarthŠcan it be?”

Even now, 28 years later, we still dream the dream of peace.

It appears that peace - the peace dreamed of in the song – will not come to pass. Not in our lifetime. Or our children's lifetime. But you can still have peace among yourselves. With your family members, or friends or co-workers. Peace begins at home.

Peace is a warm house, a warm cup of coffee and a warm bed. Peace is ending the day in the room of your children and watching them drift off to sleep. Peace is hugging a friend this Christmas season, one you haven't seen in what seems like forever. Peace is the last slumber, the final time that you touch a father or mother's hand as they depart this world. They are at peace. And you can be at peace because one day you will see them again.

I’ve become a big fan of the George Strait song, &uot;You’ll Be There.&uot;

The lyrics ring true and speak of a time when everyone must cross the thin, but daunting, line that separates life from death. &uot;I’ll see you on the other side…&uot; sings Strait and to the faithful that’s an assurance. Mothers, fathers, children and grandparents who have gone before us await our presence. No more tears in Heaven, they say.

But I’m struck by a reply made by Edith Bunker on the classic 70s sitcom &#8220All in the Family”. When son-in-law Mike, an atheist, asks Archie why God allows so much suffering, the Bunker family patriarch and lovable bigot fumbles for the words before calling on Edith to answer the question.

&uot;Maybe it’s so we’d notice the improvement,&uot; she replied.

Not that the world’s all that bad. The majority of it’s really, really good. If you take the time to enjoy it.

This holiday season, be at peace.

Merry Christmas.

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