Greenville applauds Chapman#039;s decision to run in 2006

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 7, 2006

This week, one of Greenville's own became the first statewide Republican candidate to officially qualify to run in the 2006 elections. Beth Killough Chapman, currently serving as state auditor, will be running for the office of secretary of state.

During her term as auditor, the office faced 25 percent in cuts, but produced a historic 96 percent perfect audit among state agencies.

&#8220Better results with less money,” Chapman said.

&#8220That's what taxpayers want – good honest government that is efficient and effective.”

Chapman, a 1980 graduate of Fort Dale Academy, has been described by former classmates and teachers as &#8220bright, no-nonsense and goal-oriented,” a woman unafraid to stand up for her convictions.

Jim Dunklin of Peoples Bank, who grew up with and graduated with Chapman, sees the candidate as &#8220intelligent, witty, hard-working and family-oriented.”

&#8220Beth is what I would call a politically incorrect straight shooter – and I mean that as a positive,” Dunklin said.

&#8220The political ‘fluff' you get from others is not going to come from Beth. With her, what you see is what you get. I think she's done a great job as auditor and would make an excellent secretary of state,” he added.

Margaret Ann Lewis of Greenville is also a strong supporter of the candidate she has known since Chapman's childhood.

&#8220Beth is as smart as she can be. I do think she has done a marvelous job as auditor. When she is determined to do something, she will get it done,” Lewis said.

&#8220I am so proud of her and what she's already accomplished. I will certainly support her in this endeavor.”

Mary Dearing, Chapman's high school English teacher at FDA, is equally proud of her former student.

&#8220Whatever Beth has decided she is going to do, she puts her whole heart and soul into it. You also know exactly where that woman stands on the issues. That was true back in high school, and it's true now,” Dearing said.

The teacher recalled a student with &#8220an absolutely wonderful sense of humor” who was also a skilled writer &#8220who has written the books to prove it.”

Former FDA instructor Susie Snow, who taught Chapman in the 5th grade, said the Greenville native has become &#8220a real attribute to our entire state.”

&#8220I am proud of not only what Beth has done, but also of the fact she is from Greenville and has represented this county so beautifully.”

Former classmate Carol Lee, chamber of commerce director in Greenville, remembered Chapman as the class &#8220cut-up” who, nonetheless, &#8220could accomplish anything she wanted to.”

&#8220She always made us laugh, but we also knew she was someone who was determined and wouldn't take no for an answer – someone who would go far in life.”

Lee said Chapman's staunch support of her personal convictions was the quality she most admired.

&#8220She has never been afraid to stand up for her beliefs, whether it was something everyone else agreed with or not. She's not afraid to live her convictions.”

According to Chapman's press office, the life-long Republican's campaign is already receiving support from both parties.

&#8220Honest elections should be a bi-partisan issue. All candidates and citizens should want honest elections and that is what I hope to give them,” Chapman said.

Chapman, who has already raised in excess of $100,000 for her campaign fund, said she is garnering strong support from fellow Republicans. She is also reaching out to Democrats and Independents who are unhappy with the way the office of secretary of state has been run under incumbent Nancy Worley.

&#8220I have come to this race early and am prepared to stay late,” Chapman said.

&#8220I am running on a proven track record of honesty and integrity…I will do the same in the secretary of state's office and am willing to work twice as hard as anybody else to get there.”

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