Public should support volunteer fire departments

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 7, 2006

Butler County has 16 volunteer fire departments. These departments are made up of people who give of their time and their energy to keep their communities safe and to help their fellow man. This is not a job where one receives a paycheck. It is, in and of itself, an altruistic position one can hold in the community.

However, volunteer fire fighters, overall, don't serve and help others for the glory or the recognition. There is something about helping others that offers a reward in itself. There is a pride that comes with doing a job well and to the best of one's ability.

Even though our volunteer fire departments are there when we need them, they also, in turn, need the public's assistance.

First, volunteer fire departments are always in need of funds. Without any county taxes coming in appropriated just for them, these firefighters are basically left to fend for themselves financially. Butler County should look into a tax, which would help to financially support its volunteer fire departments. After all, they serve and protect, too.

Also, the public should help themselves. By this, we mean every household should have its address plainly in view for emergency personnel to see. If you have an emergency call, and the volunteer fire department responds but cannot find your home because there is no visible address, the results can be catastrophic. Someone could lose his home, his life or the life of a loved one. It would be so simple to make sure your home address is in plain view in case of an emergency.

Again, we urge Butler County residents to support their volunteer fire departments financially. Finally, we urge residents to support their own safety by having their home address clearly posted for emergency personnel to see.