City passes ordinances increasing mayor, council#039;s salaries

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 2, 2006

City officials approved a pair of ordinances increasing the mayor and city council's salaries starting in 2008, the year of the next general election.

The next mayor of Greenville will receive a salary of $48,000 annually, up from $13,000, while each council member will receive $8,400 in annual compensation. Council members are currently paid $3,600 per year.

Monday night's vote to approve the ordinances wasn't without dissent, though.

Councilmember Tommy Ryan voted no on both ordinances.

&#8220My vote was not against (Mayor) Dexter McLendon, the person, because I truly believe he is doing an outstanding job as Mayor,” said Ryan. &#8220After a lot of thinking and discussion with constituents, I simply believe that a lesser salary would have been appropriate for mayor and council, regardless of who is in office.”

Councilmember Jean Thompson voted yes to a pay raise for the mayor, but no on a council pay increase.

Thompson said $13,000 for the amount of work the mayor puts in was an &#8220insult.”

But Thompson felt an increase from $300 to $700 per month for each council member was unwarranted.

&#8220I thought it was just too much of a jump,” she said.

Councilmember James Lewis said he thought the raises were due. Lewis has served on the council for 22 years.

&#8220I don't think people really realize how much is required of you (as a council member),” he said. &#8220When people have a problem, they call you. And it doesn't matter what time of the night it is. This is something (public office) I wanted to do, but I don't think anyone would have worked at a job for 22 years without a pay raise. I'm glad it passed.”

In other business, the council:

n Approved Resolution 2006-12, awarding the bid to Sunbelt Fire for a high-pressure compressor workstation for refilling self contained breathing apparatus equipment for the fire department. The bid amount was $33,238 with 95 percent of the funding through FEMA.

n Authorized up to $40,000 in repairs to the old depot.

n Approved Resolution 2006-13 authorizing the acceptance of a $139,799 grant from FEMA for acquisition of flood damaged residential property located at 629, 631 and 633 Milner St. The city's in-kind services and cash-match is $46,000. The goal of the project is to remove the existing structures and prevent construction on the repeatedly flood prone properties.

n Authorized bids for gas and diesel purchases and recreation equipment.

n Approved Resolution 2006-14 authorizing the city to enter into a contract with Garver Engineers, LLC in the amount of $43,046 for professional engineering services on the airport hangar project.

n Approved Resolution 2006-15 authorizing an agreement with the social security administration for use of office space in the Beeland Park Recreation Center.

n Approved Resolution 2006-16 allowing the city to enter into an agreement with the Joseph Ministries Organization for use of storage space in the rescue barn building.

n Approved the following expenditures: $19,559 to Travis Heartsill, $1,000 to Baker Metal Works, $2,000 to Stephens Concrete, $55.90 to Southern Sand & Gravel, and $1,887 to Greenville Cash and Carry for construction of two dugouts at Cavanaugh Field in the Beeland Complex; $1,200 to Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc. for Right of Way Acquisition contract; $8,618 to Central Fire Services for a fire suppression and hood system for Beeland Park; $7,612 to Crews Window & Insulation, Co., $1,346 .18 to Greenville Cash and Carry, $5,813.35 to Baker Metal Works, and $13,320 to Kent Tanner to replace the roof, repair rotten frame work and install vinyl vents at Fire Station No. 2.