St. Thomas Episcopal to present Evensong this Sunday evening

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 6, 2006

Dropping in on an on-going conversation between man and God: That's how the experience of Evensong has been described.

Saint Thomas Episcopal Church will be the host for an upcoming quarterly series of Evensong Services, beginning at 4 p.m. this Sunday, March 5.

Also known as the service of Evening Prayer, Evensong features a reading of scriptures, the chanting of psalms, hymns and canticles and the reciting of prayers.

While visiting choirs from colleges, universities and other churches will present the music at future services, the first Evensong will feature the Saint Thomas Choir augmented by a special group of

area singers and musicians.

Charles Kennedy, who leads the choir at the church, says the service will truly offer &#8220something for everybody.”

&#8220We'll feature every type of worship music from Sacred Harp hymns to Mozart on Sunday,” Kennedy said.

Guitarist and vocalist Rock Killough, who is performing a solo on the old hymn, &#8220I Will Arise and Go to Jesus,” thinks area worshipers and music lovers will find the experience a very rewarding and enriching one.

&#8220We have some great performers coming together for this,” Killough said.

According to Kennedy, the tradition of Evensong goes back to the times of the earliest Anglican reformers, and was traditionally celebrated in the evening by the monastic community.

The Sunday event will be a perfect way to usher in the Lenten season for believers, Kennedy said.

&#8220Evensong is drawn almost entirely from the Bible. Its primary purpose is to proclaim the wonderful works of God in history and in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

&#8220Secondarily, it is meant to evoke a response from the worshipper of praise, penitence, prayer and obedience,” Kennedy explained.

The Saint Thomas Singers include Bob Glasscock, Steve Hines, Charles Kennedy, Rock Killough, Terry Mullins, Steve Norman, Tom Payne, John Phillips, Pat Richard, Tommy Ryan, Rena Minton, Carol Walters, Susan Andrews, Patricia Ballew, Lindsey Benedict, Nancy Benson, Gerri Castleberry, Marge Conway, Shanna Forbes, Magoo Hamilton, Starla Jones, Jean Katz, Margie Kennedy and Marcia Lindstrom.

Killough, Norman and Charles Kennedy will serve as guitarists for Evensong; Glasscock and Kennedy will perform on the flute recorder, while Carol Walters will serve as pianist, and Pat Richard, organist.

Visitors are welcome to attend Sunday's Evensong; however, space is limited in the St. Thomas sanctuary and will be available on a first-come basis, Kennedy said.

&#8220We do believe this service will bring all of those present closer to God, who is above all, through all and in all, as these words and music come together,” Kennedy said.