Young people should enjoy spring break responsibly

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The steady stream of traffic down I-65 tells the story: Spring Break is here. College students, traveling from states like Ohio, New York, Illinois, or Pennsylvania, own the majority of those vehicles, making their allotted annual trip to the beaches of northern Florida. Even here in Butler County, our high school teenagers will get into their cars and travel the much shorter distance for a deserved break from their studies. Hopefully, they'll be under the supervision of parents or adult chaperones who will see to our children's safety, ensuring that each arrives back home to finish out their high school careers. We also like to think that teenagers going to the beach with a group of friends will act responsibly away from the care of their parents and teachers.

We know, sadly, that occasionally this may not be the case.

There is no death more tragic than the death of a young person. Fathers and mothers left knowing that they will outlive their child. Friends left feeling a deep sense of loss. Dreams left without the prospect of realization.

There are a multitude of things that can happen to a teenager on Spring Break, but with more cars on the highway the likelihood of accidents increase greatly.

Thankfully, Alabama state troopers and law enforcement agencies throughout Alabama will step up patrol activity statewide during the spring break period in an effort to promote roadway safety for spring break vacationers and all motorists.

We hope our teenagers stay safe this Spring Break, obey the law, and return home to Butler County.