Hughes a candidate for county sheriff

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 3, 2006

Byron Hughes, a lifelong resident of Crenshaw County, has announced his candidacy for sheriff of Crenshaw County.

Hughes said that he has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement.

&#8220Residents who know me recognize the fact that I am one who will listen carefully to their concerns and respond to them quickly and effectively,” Hughes said.

During his 40 years in the construction business, Hughes said that he has served as superintendent for most of that time and that he has demonstrated the ability to supervise operations by providing strong leadership.

&#8220I have worked with people and have supervised people for many years,” he said. &#8220Of course, being able to work with people is vital to the business world as well as in the role of sheriff.”

Hughes said that his past law enforcement experience includes working with the Glenwood, Luverne, Dozier and Brantley police departments. He began working with the Glenwood Police Dept. in the 1960s. In addition, he has served as Chief Deputy for the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Dept. for approximately three years.

&#8220I hold the law in high regard, and I have a great respect for it,” he said. &#8220And, I expect the same from others.”

If elected sheriff, Hughes said that he would encourage programs that teach and embrace good citizenship among the county's youth, including the usage of the D.A.R.E. Program, and he wants to make visibility of the sheriff's office within the school zones a priority.

&#8220Having an officer to direct traffic at Highland Home School is something that I think is really needed,” he said. &#8220There is nothing more important than the safety of our children in all of our schools.”

Hughes said that having an officer in the Highland Home community would be high on his priority list.

&#8220I want to be available to talk with the citizens of Highland Home in order to listen to any concerns they may have about their school or their community.”

Another main area of concern for Hughes is in taking care of the county's elderly.

&#8220Our county's population of senior citizens is increasing,” he said. &#8220I believe that it is paramount that those who live alone or who live in assisted living facilities to feel safe and protected. As sheriff, I promise to make certain that daily surveillances are made to these facilities as well as to remote homes and centers throughout the county.”

Furthermore, Hughes said that he would also implement working with the Drug Task Force Team again for the county.

Hughes and his wife, Gloria Baggett Hughes, have been married for 44 years, and they have three children and four grandchildren.

&#8220I have a vested interest in the safety of our streets, our schools and our businesses,” he said. &#8220 I will work tirelessly to create a safer county and to make it a place where our citizens feel comfortable and protected.”