Family Fun Day entertains parents, children

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 8, 2006

Miranda Bottoms got a little soap in her eye, but that didn't stop her from making bubbles, taking a bounce on the moon, or visiting a nice, blue-haired lady for a family fun day sticker.

She saw a policeman and a fireman. Played a game of hoops and jumped a rope. She raced tricycles with the rest of the boys and girls and took a moonwalk.

And she created bouncing bubbles from the soapy detergent in a big purple dish.

Friday was Family Fun Day at the Butler County Education and Community Learning Center. Minnie Peterson, a teacher at the center, said Head Start, Bright Beginnings, Even Start and First Step all come together for a single spring day to host the event annually.

Nancy Idland, Main Street Director, did her best Marge Simpson impersonation. Wearing bright clothes, baubles, a tall blue wig and a feathery green boa, Idland passed out stickers to the eager children.

&#8220There is just so much going on here,” she said.

As Bottoms rubbed the soap out of her eye, Lara Beth Blackmon puckered her lips and blew into her bubble wand. Across the way, Tyrell Adams held still long enough to have his face painted by a lady with red and blue stars dangling from her head.

After almost two hours of playtime, parents and children enjoyed a sack lunch of hamburgers and chips.

Fun Day was finished.

For this year.