City chooses AMIC for insurance

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 12, 2006

City officials awarded a municipal insurance contract worth $135,806 to AMIC during Monday night's regularly scheduled council meeting. The coverage period begins on April 20 and ends on April 19, 2007.

John Norman with Norman Insurance presented the council with two quotes - one from Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation, and the other from St. Paul Travelers. The St. Paul Travelers premium was actually a bit less than that of AMIC, but Norman recommended the AMIC quote because the city will receive a participation dividend estimated to be greater than $4,000, making it the overall better deal.

Greenville has invested a significant amount of money with AMIC, which serves and is owned by municipalities throughout Alabama.

The blanket insurance coverage includes: automobile fleet insurance inland marine equipment, law enforcement liability, public officials liability, commercial property, and commercial general liability. Additionally, the city approved airport liability insurance for the Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport in the amount of $3,010 provided by Nason Insurance Company.

The premium also includes a loss of tax revenue guarantee, desperately needed should the city suffer a disaster that hinders or halts the collection of sales tax, according to Norman.

&#8220Sales tax is the gasoline that drives this big engine we're in,” said Norman. &#8220So much of our expenditures is based on retail sales tax and it's important to have something in place that insures we will still have that income coming in.”

In other business:

n The council approved a resolution authorizing a rental agreement with Thompson Tractor Company, Inc. for the sanitation department's lease of a wheeled scraper truck for digging the new city landfill expansion hole.

The city will lease the truck at the rate of $11,300 for approximately seven months.

Also, the city will employ Joseph Burgans, a former city employee experienced in the operation of heavy equipment, to operate the tractor at a flat rate of $15 per hour until the job is completed.

n Approved a resolution authorizing completion of the rail spur improvements grant providing rail service to Hysco America, Inc. ADECA awarded a CDBG grant in the amount of $250,000 for the purpose of helping proving this service to Hysco.

n Approved the following expenditures: $3,330 to ACS Firehouse Solutions for EMS, fire reporting, training, and inventory software for the fire department; $1,407.50 to McKinley Tire for five tires mounted and balanced for Sanitation Truck No. 66; $4,742 to Sunbelt Fire for eight integrated PASS upgrades for self-contained breathing apparatus plus installation for fire department. A grant will pay for 95 percent of the purchase with five percent coming from the fire department's capital outlay fund; $1,592.40 for a GE heavy duty industrial washer and dryer for the fire department.

In other announcements:

n The city's Park and Recreations Department will be hosting its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15 at 10 a.m. at the Beeland Park Complex for children up to the second grade. Prizes will be awarded in each age division.

n The library will be hosting Super Saturday, April 15, starting at 9:30 a.m. for preschoolers and 11 a.m. for first, second, and third graders. This Saturday will be a celebration of Easter.