Selma couple needs help in locating pet lost in the area

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's a case of &#8220Chamois, Come Home” for a Selma couple eager to find their missing yellow Labrador Retriever.

The four-footed family member disappeared after an automobile accident on I-65 south. The accident occurred at approximately 11 a.m. last Friday morning, near the Butler-Conecuh county line.

On April 7, Coralie and &#8220Boo” Frazer of Selma were headed to their beach house in Orange Beach and towing a car trailer behind their Chevy Tahoe.

Their two dogs, Chamois and Missy, were riding with them. The Frazers' son and daughter-in-law, Steve and Candice, were following the couple with another trailer.

Suddenly, the car hauler jack-knifed, jerking the Tahoe off the road and into a ravine.

&#8220Basically, we took a nosedive between bridges,” Boo Frazer said in a phone interview.

While Mrs. Frazer's leg was broken and both the Frazers suffered soreness and bruises, they are recuperating well and counting their blessings, Frazer said.

&#8220If you'd seen the state of the vehicle, you'd be amazed we got out alive.”

The Frazers can't really rest, however, until they locate their missing pet.

&#8220It appears both dogs were thrown from the vehicle when it hit the ground…Steve and Candice saw Missy and got her back safely. But we didn't see Chamois anywhere,” Frazer said.

Hours were spent searching for the missing Lab, but there was no sign of Chamois.

&#8220There were no signs she was hurt, though she had to be shook up. We feel if she had been badly injured or killed, we would have found her somewhere nearby,” Frazer said.

The couple's veterinarian contacted other vets and animal shelters in the area of the accident to give them a heads-up on the missing dog, but so far there have been no leads.

The Frazers are offering a $500 reward for the safe return of Chamois. Boo Frazer is very hopeful she will be found.

&#8220She should be wearing a collar and it has plenty of contact numbers listed on it. Also, she has one of those chips implanted in her neck to help vets ID her if found,” Frazer said.

Chamois is very much missed at the Frazer home.

&#8220Coralie would take Chamois and Missy, who is her puppy, for a long walk every day. You really do get attached to your animals.”

Chamois (pronounced &#8220Shammy,” like the cloth), has a cream-colored coat and is approximately ten years old. She wears a red collar.

&#8220We appreciate everyone's help in finding our dog.

It is well worth the $500 reward to bring her back home to us,” Frazer said.

If you have any information regarding the lost yellow Lab, contact one of the following numbers: (334) 412-5270 (cell), (334) 872-4947 (home) or (334) 874-4654 (work).