Blackmon seeks new term with commission

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ronnie Blackmon, a lifelong resident of Crenshaw County, is seeking re-election for Crenshaw County Commissioner for District II.

He currently serves as commission chairman.

Blackmon said that during his term as commissioner, he has been very proud of all of the job growth in Crenshaw County.

&#8220We could not have accomplished that without all of the agencies in the county working together,” Blackmon said. &#8220Job growth was one of my primary goals when I took office. I wanted a place for our young people to be able to work so they wouldn't have to leave Crenshaw County in order to find a job.”

Blackmon said that even though the county has had a lot of success in economic development, he wants to keep pushing for more incoming businesses.

&#8220And, we've got to keep helping our existing businesses, as well,” he said.

Another goal that will soon reach fruition is the completion of the elevator in the Crenshaw County Courthouse. Blackmon said that the elevator should be completed by the end of April. This will allow people with physical disabilities and the elderly to have easy access to all floors of the courthouse.

Blackmon said that he is also very proud of the fact that he and the commission were able to get the first grant to pave a dirt road (Daniel Branch Road) within the county in over 15 years.

&#8220In addition, I want the citizens to have the opportunity to vote in November on the probate judge's salary in order that it may be comparable to every other county in the state,” he said.

If re-elected, Blackmon said that he would continue to work on the safety and improvement of both paved and dirt roads within the county.

&#8220Plus, the courthouse needs some renovations, such as a new roof and a new air conditioning system,” he said.

Another top priority for Blackmon is to lower the county's indebtedness and to keep the budget balanced.

&#8220It is imperative that we maximize the use of the citizens' tax dollars with which we are entrusted,” he said.

Blackmon said that he would also like to address the issue of salaries for county employees and get them comparable to a pay scale that is equivalent to the surrounding job market.

Blackmon has 30 years of experience in the construction business. He is a member of the Luverne Church of Christ. He and his wife, June, have been married 40 years, and they have three sons and four grandchildren.

&#8220I want to thank the citizens of Crenshaw County for the honor and the privilege of allowing me to serve them for the last three years,” Blackmon said. &#8220And, I want to thank the Commission for giving me the honor of serving as chairman.”

&#8220I look forward to the continued cooperation among all of the governmental agencies within the county which will keep Crenshaw County moving forward.”