McKenzie huddles for spring drills

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2006

First year head coach Miles Brown has only one thought on his mind these days and that's finding a way to instill pride back into the football program at McKenzie School. And after a 0-10 season last year and several head coaching changes, he's got his work cut out for him.

But in the three weeks he's been at the helm, Brown, who graduated from McKenzie in 1994, has been working toward perfection. Perfection in the weight room. Perfection in the classroom and perfection on the playing field and he says he's starting to see a gleam in the eyes of his players and coaches.

&#8220Our saying down here is ‘first class' and we want things to be first class here,” Brown said, noting that a brand new weight room has been built at McKenzie. &#8220We talk about working, playing and acting first class and (the players) are really grabbing onto that and running with it.”

During spring practice Brown has been taking it slow, working harder than anything on getting to know the team and getting them to understand what he wants from them. So far, he says, its working.

&#8220They're trying to get accustomed to my offense and defense and we're taking it mighty slow,” he said. &#8220We're not trying to confuse them because we want things perfect and they're starting to believe that they can be.”

With only one senior next year, Brown has a pretty young team to work with, but says some of the older kids are starting to take ownership in the program.

&#8220We've got a lot of our older kids really stepping up and getting accustomed to being leaders,” he said. &#8220It takes a lot of work and dedication to be a leader but they're getting pretty good at it.”

Brown wouldn't give specifics on the offensive or defensive sets he plans on running, but did say &#8220We like to run the ball down here at McKenzie, but we're not scared to throw it either.”

As for Brown, he says there's no place like home and that things couldn't be better as he preps his squad for their spring game at Frisco City May 19.

&#8220It's the best feeling in the whole wide world,” said Brown about coaching the Tigers. &#8220In coaching everybody wants to coach at the Hoovers and Pratvilles but McKenzie is my Hoover,” he said. &#8220McKenzie is my dream job and it's all I ever wanted to do and this is where I want to be.”

He's also says the community is getting behind the program and the talk these days isn't about a 0-10 season, but about the good things that are ahead.

&#8220Everywhere I go everybody wants to talk about the football program and that's good for the kids,” he said. &#8220I just want to encourage everybody to jump on board, be a member of the quarterback club, because good things are going to happen here.”