Sidewalk images part of GHS#039;s annual art show

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 11, 2006

Art can be a dirty job. A glance at the 16 students hard at work in the courtyard of Greenville High School last week was proof positive of that fact.

The school held its second annual Art Show last Monday through Thursday.

On Thursday, the students kicked off their shoes, rolled up their sleeves and placed artistic endeavor over staying clean and tidy.

It was time to do a little – make that a lot – sidewalk art in the courtyard at GHS.

&#8220I've got this stuff all over me,” Blake Pierce said with a wry grin as he glanced down at his grimy clothes before passing a hand over his chalk-streaked face. Pierce was creating a striking portrait of a lady done in sepia tones.

&#8220It looks like I've been rolling in the stuff,” moaned Shonna Blackburn, who had already spent three class periods with art partner Mesha Ashley on a sidewalk painting of tribal masks.

At midday, the two girls had moved on to bring Munch's &#8220The Scream” to life on a courtyard wall.

&#8220I think our first one was the best…but you know, when you're in the middle of it, it's hard to tell what the final result is going to look like,” Blackburn said.

The students got to pick out the famous artists and/or subjects from Degas to Dali they would create in oil and chalk pastels.

Van Gogh's &#8220Sunflowers” and &#8220Starry, Starry Night,” civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., even those talented ‘toon makers at Warner Brothers; all these and more were used as inspiration for the young artists' creations.

Tanner Poole said his version of &#8220Starry, Starry Night” took about four-and-a-half hours to complete.

&#8220I had originally planned to do something else, but my art partner couldn't be here today, so – this was my fallback plan,” Poole explained as he put a few finishing touches to the artwork on the wall.

William Gipson was proud of his caricature of wrestler turned actor, The Rock, signing his created work with a flourish.

Brandy Roper worked on her vibrant version of &#8220Venus” while Kayla Johnson blended the warm yellows, oranges and greens in Van Gogh's &#8220Sunflowers.”

Art Teacher Stacey Edwards was pleased with the work done by her students.

&#8220We just had a handful of students last year participating in this; it's gotten bigger and the work is so much better this year,” Edwards said.

She walked around the courtyard that afternoon, giving helpful tips (&#8220the lips are a little off, Joe, work on that some more”) and words of encouragement to the young artists (&#8220Get the other girls who are finished to help you out; you can get it finished.”)

Rains would arrive that night to wash the students' artistic efforts away, but they still had their memories – not to mention some very dirty laundry.

&#8220I'm a mess,” Pierce laughed.