Furr to run for District One seat

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Keith Furr has announced his candidacy for Crenshaw County Commissioner for District One.

Furr, who has lived in Highland Home for the past ten years, owns K & K Pawn and Tackle, K & K Grocery and Ground Level Lawn Service, all of which are located in Highland Home. He has been employed with Petrey Wholesale for approximately 11 years.

Furr said that he wants to &#8220bring life back into our district and into our community.”

&#8220District One is the largest district in the county,” Furr said. &#8220At this time, it seems to be the area in most need of attention.”

The Highland Home Volunteer Fire and Rescue, according to Furr, is in need of funds, volunteers and equipment. In addition, Furr was very concerned about the disbanding of the Highland Home Ambulance Service.

&#8220I've done fundraisers for the fire department and for Highland Home School,” he said. &#8220But, I do these things for my kids, not for any kind of recognition on my part.”

Another concern of Furr's is the Highland Home Dixie Youth ball field, also known as Ronald's ball field.

&#8220Ronald Davis donated the ball field to the Highland Home Dixie Youth Board last March,” Furr said. &#8220We appreciate Mr. Ronald for his years of support to the Dixie Youth League and to the children of our community.”

Furr said that by the time a decision was made concerning the usage of the field, most of the children in the Highland Home area had already made other arrangements to play in Greenville or in Luverne.

&#8220We need energy in this district,” he said. &#8220I hit things head-on. If we don't stand up for the kids and for the community, then who will?”

Furr said that since becoming involved with the community, he has a great desire to see it grow.

&#8220Being a county commissioner is not just about paving roads,” he said. &#8220It's about building up and supporting families and helping the community to grow.”

Furr stressed the fact that he was concerned about &#8220every corner of the district.”

&#8220All of the communities, such as Davenport, Oliver Myer Road, or the Quail Tower Road area are just as important; it's all the same to me.”

&#8220I'm not saying that I have all of the answers, but I am willing to do everything that I can if elected,” he said.

Furr is a member of New Ebenezer Church in Highland Home. He is the son of Lamar Furr of Highland Home and the grandson of the late Barney Furr of Glenwood.