Going up, going down

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Crenshaw County Courthouse has a welcome addition- the completion of the new elevator.

On Monday, May 15, a special ribbon cutting ceremony was held in front of the new elevator.

Former Crenshaw County Schools Superintendent Sam Carr said that he wished the elevator had been put in years ago.

&#8220I can't tell you how many times I have had to come downstairs to meet with the parents of physically challenged students,” Carr said. &#8220There was just no way they could come up the stairs to me.”

Crenshaw County Commission Chairman Ronnie Blackmon said that he was proud that the project was completed and that he was proud of the USDA's help with that completion.

&#8220I know that this will be a big help to our elderly and disabled citizens, and it will give them much easier access to all floors of the courthouse,” Blackmon said.

Crenshaw County Probate Judge Jim Perdue thanked everyone for the part each played in the completion of the elevator.

Bill Wallace was the principal in charge of architecture and the designing of the elevator from Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood, Inc. David Langford, the senior construction administrator for Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood, Inc., was also on hand for the ceremony.

Perdue said that everyone was very appreciative to USDA and to Steve Pelham, the State director for USDA Rural Development, for the loan grant funding and to First Citizens Bank, which made the temporary bridge loan during the construction.

&#8220Furthermore, none of this could have been done without the cooperation and teamwork of the county commission,” Perdue said.

Circuit Clerk Ann Tate said that many times, some jurors could not serve simply because they could not physically climb the stairs.

&#8220This new elevator will be a tremendous help for all of us and for the court system,” Tate said.

County Commissioner Ronnie Hudson said that the lack of an elevator had been a &#8220liability for the county.”

&#8220Things went very smoothly,” Hudson said. &#8220This is going to be a great asset for everyone. We are very proud of this.”