Graduation #8216;bittersweet#039; moment

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 25, 2006

Each year families, friends and faculty come together to celebrate the rite of passage that is graduation. For many, it is the first step forward towards becoming young men and women. A simple flip of the tassel and toss of the cap signifies to the world that high school graduates have reached a level of maturity. They are now prepared to leave the nest and seek out their place in this world, be it through college, the military, or by finding gainful employment.

Graduation is also a bittersweet moment.

Loving friends who part may forget one another through the years. The class, as a whole, will fragment, each going their separate ways to seek their fame, their fortune, their love, their lives. Things uniquely high school never comes around twice.

Proud parents sitting in the bleachers and watching their graduate receive a diploma may feel a tinge of regret. A child has grown-up, transitioning from child to adult, and will be leaving home.

This week, our county schools will say goodbye to four senior classes. Georgiana High School's graduation will take place tonight, while McKenzie High School will graduate on Thursday. Fort Dale Academy and Greenville High School will each send off their senior classes on Friday night.

All graduations start at 7 p.m.

We salute each and every graduate of the Class of 2006. May your future be bright and full or promise.