Top students honored at Kiwanis

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 25, 2006

Several students from all over Crenshaw County were honored May 9 at the Luverne Kiwanis Club's Senior Honors Day Program held at the Luverne Country Club.

Crenshaw County School Superintendent and Kiwanis President Kathi Wallace welcomed everyone to the day's special event, which included principals, teachers and school counselors.

&#8220You have a right to be very proud of yourselves just as we are very proud of your accomplishments,” Wallace told the seniors. &#8220I wish for you all the happiness in the world, but remember that money will not bring you happiness. You need to put God first in your life.”

After the noon luncheon was served, the honor students were formally recognized and received certificates.

Brantley High School's valedictorian is Gregory Shane Corley, the salutatorian is Tyler Anthony Weaver, and honor student Cynathia Joy Green was recognized.

Honor students from Crenshaw Christian Academy included David Andrew Armour, Britney Rachelle Edwards, Erika Nicole Edwards, Lacey Marie Edwards, Lindsey Renee Hollis, Raymond Joseph Kilpatrick, Sterling LeDale Sasser, Courtney Rebecca Smyth, and Mandy Kay Stephenson. Klein McCageor Jones is CCA's valedictorian, and Brittney Dawn Burns is the salutatorian.

From Highland Home High School, Bailey Sherrell Holladay was named the valedictorian, and Brandy Shae McGough was named salutatorian. Honor students from HHS included Jasmine Shauniece Brothers, Kara Ellen Greene and Candice Rebecca Mathews.

Honor students from Luverne High School included Jesse Lee Budraitis, Harry Alexander Conner, Malory Megan McDougald, Aaron Lewis Medley, Jason Joseph Norsworthy, Daniel Chase Rushing, Stephen Wayne Stricklin, Jarrod Craig Stone, and Matthew Aaron Youngblood. LHS's valedictorian is Lora Michelle Bagents, and the salutatorian is Kyle James Sexton.

Former School Superintendent Sam Carr presented the honor students with their certificates.

Danny Rolling, minister of Petrey Church of Christ, was the guest speaker.

&#8220We want to congratulate all of our seniors here today who are about to take a giant step in their lives,” Rolling said. &#8220After 13 years, you have achieved the highest level as honor students, and you should be proud. My wife, Lisa, and I would not imagine rearing our children anywhere else than in Crenshaw County.”

Rolling told the seniors to choose to do something that they would enjoy doing in life.

&#8220If you're not happy, it might lead you into the wrong way,” he said. &#8220You're here today because of your perseverance.”

When it comes to trust, hope and faith, Rolling told the large crowd the story of the soldier who asked God for a brick wall that he might be protected from his enemy. Rolling said the soldier saw a spider spinning a web, and he could not understand why God did not send him some real protection. After the spider had spun the web, the enemy went right by where the soldier was hiding, thinking that the area had not been disturbed in a long time, so no one must be hiding there.

&#8220Always keep God first in your life, and learn to trust Him,” he said.

&#8220Sometimes, we might think that we can't do something because we're from Crenshaw County,” Rolling said. &#8220And, that's just not true. You have the closeness and support of your family and your school, and that is something not everyone is blessed to have.”

Rolling said that happiness, overall, was not just a destination, but should be our life's journey.

&#8220We can be happy along life's way if we just let ourselves be.”

&#8220We can do whatever we want to do for our lives if we just have the guts to get out and do it,” he said. &#8220Have the courage and you can do whatever you put your mind to. Never give up. If you put your life in God's hands, then you can achieve anything you desire.”

&#8220Be a light for the world,” Rolling said. &#8220And, be a light for Crenshaw County.”