Just Move Alabama

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

According to the latest studies, this generation of Alabamians may be the first to outlive their children.

We rank #6 in overweight students and #1 in overweight or obese adults, and only 4 out of every 5 Alabama students get moderate physical activity.

These startling statistics were the inspiration behind the Alabama Cooperative Extension System's new educational curriculum:

Just Move Alabama.

The goals of Just Move Alabama are that youth will increase physical activity, make healthier nutritional choices, and be accepting of all body types.

The youth of Crenshaw County got a first hand look at this new curriculum during the first annual Just Move Alabama Spring Break Day Camp.

The day camp was held Tuesday, March 21st through Thursday, March 23rd, 2006 at the Tom Harbin Ag Center.

4th-6th Graders from Brantley, Highland Home, and Luverne Elementary Schools participated in over 180 hours of physical activity through out the course of the week.

This event, sponsored by Luverne Kiwanis & Rotary Clubs as well as Pepsi Bottling Company, saw an average of 30 students a day participating in various activities including:

frisbee golf, jump rope, relay races, and volley ball.

These students also learned to make healthy food choices by learning to make some of their favorite snack foods with a nutritional twist.

Crenshaw County 4-H would like to say a special &#8220thank-you” to:

Luverne Kiwanis, Luverne Rotary, Pepsi Bottling Company, Crenshaw County 4-H Teen Club, Luverne High School Key Club, Ms. Gayle White, & Ms. Twyla Smith.

This spectacular event would not have been possible without their valuable knowledge and help.