Luverne Health and Rehab aid patient on the road to recovery

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

It was no minor television series.

It ranked right up there with &#8220The Andy Griffith Show,” &#8220Green Acres” and &#8220Hogan's Heroes,” in the late 1980's-90's. Everybody knew it-but who would have thought Patricia Morris, of Brantley, would be singing the theme song to &#8220Cheers” every time she thinks about her rehab stay at Luverne Health and Rehab.

&#8220The words from the ‘Cheers' theme song just ran through my mind when I was having my therapy there,” Morris said.

&#8220‘Sometimes you want to go-where everybody knows your name.'

It's a good feeling remembering those words, now that I'm back home doing everything I did before.”

In November of 2005, Morris had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in her knee after doctors assured her it would not heal on its own.

Having already experienced one knee replacement surgery, she knew the recovery would be painful.

But, it didn't take long to decide with her physician, Doctor Tompkins, that she would have it done quickly and get on with her busy life.

&#8220I felt comfortable there,” Morris said.

&#8220Almost like being at home.

Two nurses from Brantley work there, Sharon Johnson and Ann Hall, and I knew some of the residents.

It felt good having somebody know my name!”

Morris entered Luverne Health and Rehab in a wheelchair, November 13, 2005, for her 20-day stay.

Mike Maddox, registered physical therapist, immediately began her rigorous, twice daily, five days a week therapy program.

Shay Bozeman, licensed physical therapy assistant, worked with Morris on her personalized program.

Bozeman said Morris was determined to be independent again at the end of her 20-day stay.

She said as professionals the department always informs the resident they will not recommend their being released until the resident is ready.

&#8220It's a tough thing for a physical therapist,” Bozeman said, &#8220seeing people having to experience pain in order to recover.

Ms. Patricia was very determined to be independent again, and her attitude greatly contributed to her success.

We worked with her on strengthening, her standing balance, and her gait and distance pattern.

We have a high rate of success with knee replacements, and it thrills me to get someone back up to a hundred percent.”

Donna Ring, certified occupational assistant, worked with Morris on her daily living skills, such as temporarily using adaptive equipment for bathing, dressing and cooking.

&#8220We place a lot of emphasis on not releasing anyone too quickly,” Ring said.

&#8220It takes working closely with nursing and monitoring their overall progress.

Ms. Patricia had a room full of new friends when she left us, and she actually helped us motivate others with her progress.

We became her cheerleaders and her friends.”

Ring said. &#8220When you really care about someone, they know it, and it helps promote a positive outcome.”

Morris is back at her home in Brantley now, and is coming to visit others at the nursing home.

She and her close friend, Ruth Warrick, are going to the Chicken Shack every day for lunch again, and on shopping trips to Montgomery and to Dothan. Morris is also continuing her outpatient therapy at Crenshaw Community Hospital.

&#8220I thank God for placing me in the care of the nurses and the therapy personnel at Luverne Health and Rehab during my recovery,” Morris said.

&#8220It was just like the song said, ‘Sometimes you want to go-where everybody knows your name!'

And they know my name at Luverne Health and Rehab, and I will never forget them or their names!”