McElwain a candidate for re-election on commission

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

Crenshaw County Commissioner Ricky McElwain is seeking re-election as commissioner of District One.

McElwain, a longtime resident of Highland Home, said that he is dedicated to improving and building upon the existing potential of the county in every way possible. He said that he has worked with elected officials and residents in his district to encourage economic developments, improve and maintain county roads, right-of-ways, and to support the education and safety of the children of Crenshaw County.

&#8220When I was elected commissioner in 2002, one of the concerns voiced by the residents of District One was the improvements of our roads,” he said. &#8220Some repairs and improvements since that time include the re-surfacing of Sweetwater Road and Oliver Myers Road. Many roads have been striped, and Daniel Branch Road is in the process of being paved. Plus, New Ebenezer Road is on the schedule to be re-surfaced.”

McElwain said that he believed the residents of District One deserved better roads on which to travel, and that he and the county commission would continue to work with the county's engineer and the highway department to assist them in this endeavor.

&#8220I believe that my years of experience working with Faulk Constructors, as well as my first term as county commissioner, will be beneficial to me in carrying out my duties and responsibilities for the people in our district,” he added. &#8220My job as commissioner is to serve the people of Crenshaw County and of District One, whether it is in clearing driveways and roads, or if it's helping the fire department deliver meals and ice and water to people without electricity because of storm damage. I feel that my job as your commissioner is not just in handling the official duties and responsibilities, but in everyday services as well.”

McElwain said that the communities of Panola, Honoraville and Highland Home School now have early warning siren systems, and that applications have been made for two additional sirens to be located at Magnolia Shores and the Burgandy Swamp Road-Upper Bozeman Road-Highway 97 area.

Another concern for McElwain is for the children in District One to have a permanent recreational facility for baseball and softball games.

&#8220This is being looked into, and a solution should be worked out in the near future,” he said.

McElwain said that he is also concerned about the senior citizens in the area.

&#8220Repairs for the existing center are scheduled, and work should be started at this time,” he said. &#8220Plans for a new center have not been forgotten.”

McElwain said that he is very encouraged to see the economic growth in District One.

&#8220Our district continues to attract new businesses, such as the Dollar General and Subway,” he said. &#8220The Highland Oaks sub-division has recently opened and has new homes and lots for sale. Whenever you drive throughout the district, it's so encouraging to see all of this new growth.”

McElwain graduated from Highland Home School, and he attends Highland Home Church of Christ. He is married to Sheila Faulk, and they have two children, Cory and daughter-in-law Amanda, and Tory, who is an eighth-grader at Highland Home School. They have two grandchildren, Emmy and Ally.