Garlock wins coroner#039;s race by a landslide

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 8, 2006

In the race for Butler County Coroner, Wayne Garlock defeated Virgil Acreman by one of the largest margins out of all the county races, 3,294 to 415.

Garlock, who served as Butler County Coroner from 1998-2002, sought to regain the position he lost four years ago and was successful in doing so.

&#8220I got a lot of support (this election) that I didn't realize I had,” Garlock said. &#8220I am just honored that the people came out in support of me for this position.”

Acreman, who is a security patrol officer in Montgomery County, was present during the reading of the results at the Butler County Courthouse Annex and said he realized it would be a long shot for him to win once the votes started piling up against him.

&#8220I'm hoping for the best but I'm expecting the worst,” Acreman said. &#8220If Wayne wins, I'll continue what I've been doing and try again in four years.”

Although he said he doesn't really know Garlock, Acreman said he would support Garlock in his duties if elected.

The people of Butler County had two qualified candidates to choose from in the coroner race, as both Garlock and Acreman have dealt with the issues coroners must deal with.

Before his job as a security patrol officer in Montgomery, Acreman worked with an ambulance company in Lowndes County for two years and then worked as a morgue supervisor for Bell Funeral Home in Lowndes County for two years.

Beyond his previous experience as County coroner, Garlock has also had a plethora of experience dealing with fatalities.

Garlock and his wife own Jim's Ambulance Service in Greenville, something that has prepared him for the challenges a coroner faces.

&#8220The type of business I am in, meeting the people and being with them helps take the stress off of the family,” Garlock said. &#8220I'm (at an accident) most of the time before anyone, I can be anywhere in the county in almost 15 minutes and that's what this job calls for.”

Now that Garlock has retaken his position as the Butler County Coroner, he hopes that everyone can work together.

&#8220I got a lot of support from other candidates, and in turn I support them for their efforts,” Garlock said.