Ausderau lifts A#039;s to victory over Mets and Braves

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 17, 2006

The A's used a five-run, second inning Thursday to beat the Mets, 7-2, in Dixie Majors action.

Brad Heartsill, Alan Little, Brantley McKeown, Greg Copley and Leo Bowen each had a single for the A's. Cory Ausderau, Adam Vickery, Josh Vickery, Little, McKeown and Bowen each scored a run for the winning team.

For the Mets, Lynn Lewis, Scott Corley, Casey Weston and Rocky Harrell each had a single. Adam Moore and Lewis scored the only runs for the Mets.

Rangers 7, Devil Rays 5

The Rangers scored seven runs in the sixth inning Thursday to defeat the Devil Rays, 7-5.

Tereance Whittle started the inning with a single and ended it with a two-RBI double. Whittle finished the game 3-for-4.

Justin Ray also had a double for Rangers in the sixth inning, while Derrick Godwin scattered a single. Andy Betterton, Chance Davis, Chris Scott and Daniel Ballard also had a run for the winning team.

For the Devil Rays, Donald Scott and Adones Peterson each had a double, with Scott hitting a third-inning double while driving in two RBI's.

Joe Mixon, Devin Cheatham, Jerrod Lee and Josh Stevens each scored a run for the Rays.

A's 11, Braves 6

Cory Ausderau was 3-for-4, including a double, a triple, two runs scored and three RBI's to lead the A's past the Braves, 11-6.

David Stephenson, Josh Booker, Brad Heartsill and Alan Little each had singles while Leo Bowen, Adam Vickery and Brantley McKeown also scored runs for the winning team.

Brady Newton was the leading hitter for the Braves, going 2-for-4 with a pair of doubles and two runs scored. Andrew Phelps, Brandon Burnette and Matt Causey also each had hit and a run for the Braves while Brandon Anthony scored the remaining run for the losing team.

Mets 15, Rangers 9

Scott Corley, Adam Moore and David Moore each blasted a home run Tuesday night to lead the Mets past the Rangers, 15-9.

Corley was 2-for-2 on the night with two RBI's and Adam Moore was 3-for-5 with a pair of doubles, three runs scored and three RBI's.

Cory Johnson also had a big night for the Mets, hitting a double and scoring three runs. Hunter Paul also had three RBI's and a single. Rocky Harrell and Lynn Lewis also scored runs for the winning team.

The Rangers were led offensively by Justin Ray, Chris Scott and Derrick Godwin, each with two hits apiece. Godwin scattered a second-inning double while Ray blasted a fifth-inning home run.

Andy Betterton, Tereance Whittle and David Taylor also had singles for the Rangers, while Michael Packard and Daniel Ballard each scored a run for the losing team.