County receives Ivan funds from FEMA

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 17, 2006

Crenshaw County Engineer Benjie Sanders reported that the Crenshaw County Highway Department received a final settlement check from FEMA for Hurricane Ivan damages in the amount of $78,221.99, at the county commission's regular meeting this past Monday.

He also said that the Maintenance Inspection Summary was in and that the department was commended by John F. Courson, County Transportation Engineer, for an overall average grade of 85. This is up from 2005's grade of 83.

&#8220In 2000, our average grade was 77, and we were 56th out of 67 counties,” Sanders said. &#8220In 2005, we were 29th in the state, so we are really proud of that.”

Sanders also reported that County Road 17 had been widened and leveled recently and that county roads 41, 66 and 17 would all receive surface treatment within the next two weeks.

When asked about the progress of Daniel Branch Road, Sanders said, &#8220I underestimated how much work that project is.”

&#8220I haven't been able to put as many employees on that project as I would have liked,” he added,” but it's still moving forward. I'm pleased with the progress we are making when compared to the amount of equipment and personnel we have on the road every day.”

Probate Judge Jim Perdue reported to the commission that there had been several complaints about the poor lighting in the courthouse during the June 6 Primary elections.

Commission Chairman Ronnie Blackmon said that it would be looked into before the July 18 run-off elections.

In other business, the commission passed a motion to pay eight auxiliary personnel for working during the June 6 elections.

Also, there will be a surplus auction at some point in July in the back parking lot of the courthouse whenever the surplus items are taken out of the courthouse basement.

In regards to the sales tax holiday that Gov. Bob Riley signed into law this past April for back-to-school shoppers, the commission voted not to participate for the upcoming school year.

The commission voted to give Chairman Blackmon the authority to sign all necessary checks and paperwork concerning the E-911 payroll and business, and voted for Blackmon to act as the temporary board chairman of E-911because of the verbal resignations of the E-911 Board of Directors at their regular May 30 meeting.

In other business, the commission gave the approval for $2,759 to be paid to Southeast Alabama Youth Services, and for $585 to be paid to the Crenshaw Animal Clinic.

Commissioner Charlie Sankey asked the commission to approve the drafting of a letter to the Helicon Community Center requesting that they accept responsibility for the new community center playground, which would include its upkeep and maintenance. The commission approved his request.