Public openness of superintendent a breath of fresh air

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Allow us a moment to applaud Superintendent Mike Looney and the Board of Education for their willingness to discuss openly with the public a matter usually reserved for behind closed doors - namely, the superintendent's evaluation.

Board members were provided a comprehensive 58-question evaluation and asked to rate Looney's job performance from one to four in each area. The results were made public during a special called meeting of the Board on June 5.

Although state law doesn't require school systems to evaluate superintendents until two years into their tenure, Looney actively encouraged the Board to complete a job performance evaluation prior to his one-year anniversary in Butler County.

In our opinion, this should demonstrate to the general public Looney's commitment to the success of our county's school system. While many would cringe at the idea of having their job performance evaluation blown up on a large screen for the benefit of any and everyone, Looney willfully accepted this responsibility. Looney said as the lead official in a public entity like the school system, he believes &#8220public business should happen in the public.”

Looney has accomplished much in just a year in our county's school system, indicative of the 3.7 evaluation given to him by the Board. We echo Board Member Joe Lisenby's statement that this is &#8220an excellent score,” and we anxiously await the continued evolution of our school system under Looney's leadership.