Breakin#039; Bread to perform Friday night

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 29, 2006

J1 is bringing live Christian music to area youth this Friday night, and it's just a taste of things to come.

The local Christian youth ministry is promoting its upcoming August youth rally with a concert at 7 p.m. this Friday, June 30, on Watermelon Hill (behind the YMCA).

Brent Paige and his band, Breakin' Bread, will be performing that night. Donations will go to the J1 Ministry Fund.

Event organizer Jonathan Duke, who founded the J1 ministry last year, said the group's goal was to &#8220promote putting Jesus first.”

&#8220We also want to offer the Christian youth of our area a chance to come and hear these bands, and give the bands a chance to have a place to play. We have a lot of good Christian bands in this area,” Duke said.

Last year J1 sponsored a multi-band youth rally at the Butler County Fairgrounds, which was well received, Duke said.

&#8220We had about 200 kids there, lots of good music and a great speaker. It was a really good night and we hope to do it again.”

Another large-scale event is planned for late August, with Duke waiting on a confirmed date.

&#8220Friday night's event is a promotion of our ministry. It's a preview to give people an insight into what we are all about,” Duke said.

The group, which is supported by love offerings from churches as well as business sponsorships, is also expanding beyond Greenville-based performances.

&#8220We want to meet the spiritual needs of the youth beyond this community. We want to be there to help the churches meet those needs,” Duke said.

Duke, a 2006 graduate of Greenville High School, said J1 is a ministry operated primarily by youth.

&#8220We have assistance with financial matters from adults, but otherwise, we are run by youth volunteers,” Duke said.

&#8220We are proud of that. We feel good about our ability to put together something other youth will enjoy and respond to.”

For more information on Friday night's concert with Breakin' Bread, contact Brent Paige at 437-0245 or 382-6346.