CCSO makes cocaine and marijuana arrests

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 29, 2006

Three men were arrested after a June 10 search warrant at the residence of 1133 Tucker Road in Grady, Ala., turned up two bags of marijuana and two bags of cocaine, all worth a combined total of over $400, according to the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office.

Hosie Foster, Jr., age 48, the owner of the Tucker Road residence, was arrested for possession of cocaine, first-degree possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Crenshaw County Sheriff Charles West. West said that the marijuana found inside the home had been bagged as if for sale purposes, and two marijuana plants were also found inside the home.

Another individual, Saketo Elder, 26, of 5080 Moore Road in Grady, was also arrested after deputies caught him when he attempted to flee the scene. When asked why he ran, Elder said that it was because he &#8220had a bag of dope in his pocket,” according to the sheriff's report. Elder was arrested for first-degree possession of marijuana.

West said that a third person, Jamese Barnes, 21, of 141 County Road 7766 of Troy, was also arrested when his 1997 blue Ford Crown Victoria, which was parked at the residence, was found containing a straw full of cocaine and another large bag of cocaine located in the front console.

Also inside the home, the deputies found other loose marijuana material, rolling papers, two bottles of gin, one bottle of brandy and $214 in cash.

Once the search was completed, all three suspects were taken to the Crenshaw County jail.

They are currently out on bond.

The sheriff's department is in the process of attempting to seize the 1997 Ford Crown Victoria.

&#8220By using the proceeds seized from drug operations like this one, it will help us to continue to fight drug use in the county,” West said.

West added that the Tucker Road home did not have its own electricity.

&#8220They were running extension cords from a neighbor's house to have any kind of electricity,” he said. &#8220So, there was very poor lighting inside the home.”

Because of the poor lighting, Sheriff's Investigator Ronnie White injured his right hand when he came in contact with a glass door.

&#8220That is just one example of how we never know what to expect when we go out on drug searches like this,” Investigator Robin Daniels said.

In a separate incident, the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office recovered 27 marijuana plants on June 14 from the south end of the county.

No arrests have been made at this time.

&#8220Each plant was capable of producing two pounds of marijuana,” Daniels said. &#8220That's an estimated 54 pounds of marijuana possible, which means it could have produced a street value of at least $108,000.”

Sheriff Charles West said that since the first of June, the sheriff's office has recovered a total of 32 marijuana plants throughout the county.

&#8220This is part of an ongoing drug investigation,” West said. &#8220A lot of the time, because of the size and nature of the cases, no arrests are made until after the cases are presented to the grand jury. This recent marijuana recovery came about during the investigation of meth labs in the county.”