Hurricane home features various, unusual products

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lori and Jeff Cummings’ new home is the first ICF home built in Butler County. But the two-story, Mediterranean-style home also offers several unusual features, beginning with the front door.

&uot;We call the house a concrete ‘castle,’ and my front door jamb is a little bit larger than a normal jamb. A company called Castle Entries hand-made a wrought iron door to our specifications,&uot; Lori Cummings says.

A decorative entry was on order, too, and Cummings says an online store had &uot;exactly what I wanted: a handmade mosaic tiled inlay. It's made of natural stones, like granite, marble and slate.&uot;

And what’s a concrete home without concrete kitchen counters?

&uot;You would be amazed at how beautiful concrete counters can look. Concrete artist Jennifer Soehren of Stoneleaf Designs is making custom counter tops for us. You’d never believe her work is concrete,&uot; Cummings says.

Scored concrete will be used for the home’s patios.

Bamboo floors are another unusual feature of the new home.

&uot;I wanted the house to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Bamboo is a natural product that quickly renews itself, whereas it takes years and years for an oak tree to grow to maturity,&uot; Cummings says.

&uot;Again, bamboo makes really beautiful flooring.&uot;

The house will be heated and cooled with an environmentally friendly geothermal unit and a tankless hot water system from Northwest Supply in Prattville.

&uot;The tankless system offers hot water on demand. With a conventional water heater, water is heated all the time and there is a limited supply of it,&uot; Cummings says.

&uot;With the tankless system, it takes a little longer, but you can get as much hot water as you need it. Then you cut it off. When you are away from home, energy isn’t being wasted by heating up unused water.&uot;

A special system will allow the homeowners to cut off water flow to one particular sink, tub, et al., instead of shutting the entire system down, Cummings says.

The house will also feature products such as transoms and doors created by the new Greenville-based company, Copper House Designs, managed by Cummings. The former APT producer is thrilled she will have a short commute to work - and more time each day to enjoy the new concrete castle.

She says the family can hardly believe their dream home is &#8220almost here.”

&uot;Our oldest son, Cory, is going to complete his first two years of college here at LBW Community College. He says he doesn’t want to leave this house,&uot; Cummings laughs.