Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 29, 2006

uniform swap set for today

By Angie Long

The families of Butler County School students will have a chance to save some money today.

The county school system is sponsoring a Uniform Swap Day at the W. O. Parmer Gym in Greenville. Parents and guardians are asked to bring their used uniforms to the gym between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. this morning.

All uniforms should be clean, pressed and neatly folded with the sizes clearly marked.

Butler County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney thinks the swap will be a great help to local families.

&#8220A lot of our kids have grown out of perfectly good clothes that someone else could use. Anytime we can do something to help parents save money and provide for the needs of our students, we want to do it,” the superintendent said.

Looney said he is excited about the swap and plans to be on hand to help sort the uniforms.

&#8220We do want to make sure everything is clean and in good condition for it to be a part of the swap. We are also taking donations of uniforms from anyone who wants to help.”

One ticket will be provided for each article of clothing brought. Tickets should be brought in and exchanged for uniforms between 10 a.m. and noon today at the gym.

Looney said he believes the first year under the school uniform code went &#8220extremely well.”

&#8220There are always a few little bumps in the road…but the feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The superintendent said no significant changes were planned in the uniform code for the upcoming school year. Parents and students can, however, expect &#8220tightening up a bit” on some existing policies, starting with belts.

&#8220We specified plain black or brown belts, and we've had kids coming to school with buckles the size of dinner plates and belts that light up. We have to straighten that out,” Looney said.

He also stressed &#8220consistent criteria” had to be established by schools throughout the system in terms of students opting out of wearing their uniforms.

&#8220Overall, everybody has done well. The kids look great. We do look forward to the day when the baggy pants trend is out of fashion, and we don't have to fight getting students to wear them fitted at the waist,” Looney said.