Williams in run-off for county sheriff

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 3, 2006

Edward Albert Williams, who has lived in Crenshaw County since 1986, will be facing incumbent Crenshaw County Sheriff Charles West in the July 18 run-off election.

Williams received over 26 percent of the vote during the June 6 Primary, while West received almost 49 percent.

Williams, who is originally from Pike County, graduated from Goshen High School. He began working with the Luverne Water Authority Department and then transferred to the Luverne Police Department as an auxiliary officer in 1987. He served in both capacities for over three years.

Williams graduated from the police academy in 1991. At the end of that same year, he became a deputy with the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office.

&#8220I retired from the National Guard after 20 years of service, from 1976 until 1997,” Williams said.

He served in two military occupations, one, of which, was as a supply clerk and the other as an armorer.

Williams qualified to run for sheriff of Crenshaw County on March 17. &#8220I have 19 1/2 years of experience in law enforcement,” he said. &#8220I have the ability to do the administrative part of the job based on my leadership capabilities and my paperwork duties that were required of me as a deputy.”

One thing that Williams said he is proud of in his law enforcement career is having the support of so many people.

&#8220People find me easy to talk to,” he added.

If elected as sheriff, Williams said that he &#8220would be for the people and for the county.”

&#8220If someone calls for help or assistance, that person would receive immediate attention,” he said. &#8220I'm a dependable person. All you have to do is call me, and I'll be there.”

Williams said, &#8220Drugs will be dealt with in Crenshaw County according to the state and local laws.”

Williams also said that, if elected, he would add John Crichton to his staff.

Crichton said that he has been involved with law enforcement for approximately 25 years, including serving as a jail administrator in Dixie County, Fla., for three years, and as a deputy in Alger County, Michigan, for four years. Crichton said that he is a private investigator and is a member of N.A.I.S.

&#8220One of the reasons I want to bring in Mr. Crichton is that he speaks fluent Spanish, and this would be a big plus in working with those who only speak Spanish,” Williams said.

Ed Williams is the son of Willie and Mattie Williams of Troy.

The run-off elections will be held on Tuesday, July 18.