Alice Curtis: Uniquely talented and always willing to help

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 8, 2006

Alice Curtis is a very unique individual.

Yes, one of a kind and different from all others. She has many talents, and she freely gives of herself to help others.

Her talents include beautiful floral designs.

She often goes beyond the call of duty to help with last- minute fresh flower arrangements for South Luverne Baptist Church.

She is always willing to help with decorations at weddings and receptions.

Her work is always done with simplicity and good taste.

Some of the things she does that are so appreciated by the residents of Meadowcrest community are the decorated bulletin boards that she changes monthly and the door wreaths that she does each season.

She has been known to bring the youth of her church to visit with the elderly residents and place Bibles in the laundry room.

On one occasion they treated the residents with a Hardee's biscuit.

I recently read somewhere these words, &#8220Christian service, in its purest form, is nothing more than imitating Jesus.”

Alice Curtis is a servant who shows her love for Christ as she quietly works, expecting no praise, no pay, just expressing her love for Christ, His Church, and others in her unique ways.

Real service is what she gives week after week.

Her friend Enid Folmar said that

Alice Curtis is a woman of many talents.

She is at her peak when she is doing a promotion for missions in her church.

It was due greatly to her motivation, visionary ideas and just plain ability to get things done, that Glenwood United Methodist Church was named Church of the Year at the annual meeting of the AL-West Florida Conference in June 2005.

She has promoted varied projects, as sending funds to purchase goats to provide milk for children in third-world countries.

Also, on her agenda was a project to prepare kits for flood and hurricane victims.

The elderly and shut-ins have been the recipients over the years of her crafts and also seasonal baskets delivered and given in love.

When it became known that our soldiers in Iraq wanted coffee and certain other items not easily obtained, Alice spearheaded a drive to collect as many of these items as possible and sent to them.

As chairperson of the Altar Guild, Alice inspires people to worship through the beauty of the artistic floral arrangements she designs for all special occasions.

In the community, Alice is always available when called on to administer injections to the elderly who need them so they don't have to make extra trips to the doctor.

Alice has been connected with the medical field for 43 years.

She worked with the late Dr. James Kendrick for over 20 years.

She also served as the Activities Director at Crenshaw County Hospital in Special Services.

Alice has always been involved in some way of helping and taking care of people.

She has been a volunteer Pink Lady for nine years at Crenshaw Community Hospital.

Her forte covers everything from leading Children's Worship to planning activities for older adults, to meeting needs on foreign fields, supplying needed items for children to attend school in the Appalachian region, pushing a project to raise funds for the medically indigent or making certain that food is collected for the hungry.

God blessed Alice with many talents, and she is showing her appreciation by using them to do for others.

According to a teacher friend Sylvia Gibson, Alice has been a great blessing to students in her class room.

On many occasions she would come and help the children make seasonal crafts for the residents of Lake Haven.

They would also make crafts and decorations on Mother's Day, Earth Day, Conservation of our Earth, Valentine's Day, fall and Thanksgiving.

Alice looks at the world through the eyes of a child as she guides them through these activities.

By doing this she is able to reach the needs and interests of each student.

The children enjoy this opportunity to learn and have fun doing for others.

The children say, &#8220We love our Miss Alice.”

Alice Alexander Curtis from Ansley, Ala., married Gerald Curtis of Glenwood in 1961.

They have two daughters, Alicia Glaiz, who along with her husband Ed, serve as religious educators at First United Methodist Church of Brewton, Ala.

They have two children.

Their younger daughter Gerrie Schutes is a Graphic Designer.

She and her husband live in Atlanta and have two children.