July 7 is last day to register to vote in run-off elections

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 8, 2006

Many people may not realize it, but they still have time to register to vote in the upcoming run-off elections, which will be held Tuesday, July 18. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

The last day to register at the Crenshaw County Courthouse is this Friday, July 7, according to Circuit Clerk Ann Tate.

When it comes to the run-off elections, registered voters will, again, have to choose between a democratic and a republican ballot, according to Leah Sims, administrative assistant for the Emergency Management Agency.

&#8220Also, everyone needs to remember to bring valid identification when voting,” she said.

The democratic tickets will contain only the names of those in the run-offs for their particular district.

For example, in District One, voters will see a ballot containing the run-off race for Crenshaw County Commissioner for District One, which includes incumbent Ricky McElwain and candidate Howard Cook.

There is also a run-off election for Crenshaw County Board of Education member for District One between Ronald Rhodes and incumbent William E. Roper.

The sheriff's race, between incumbent Charles West and candidate Ed Williams, will be on all of the ballots.

In District Five, registered voters will choose not only for the sheriff's race, but also for the District Five Crenshaw County Board of Education member race. There is a run-off between Bertha H. Jones and Bennie F. McDonald.

Voters in Districts Two, Three and Four will have only the sheriff's race on the Democratic ticket.

Residents who decide to vote a Republican ticket will see the following run-off elections: for Lieutenant Governor, Luther Strange and George C. Wallace, Jr.; for Court of Civil Appeals Judge, Place No. 3, Terri Willingham Thomas and Phillip Wood; for Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place No. 3, Clay Crenshaw and Sam Welch; for State Auditor, Wes Allen and S. Samantha &#8220Sam” Shaw; and for Public Service Commission, Place No. 2, John Amari and Perry O. Hooper, Jr.