Safety tips are

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 8, 2006

economical and wise for the summer

With the high heat of summer, many people are counting on their central air conditioning to keep them cool. Consumers must be sure to properly maintain their cooling system.

If your system has disposable filters, replace them every month. Clean permanent filters as recommended by the manufacturer. Make the cleaning of the duct outlets and registers a regular part of your cleaning.

Residents can also keep their homes cooler by caulking, weather stripping and insulating air gaps in the home. Overhanging shade from trees or tall shrubs can really help, too. Set your thermostat at the highest comfortable setting and leave it there. Use an exhaust fan vented to the outside when cooking to remove excess heat and moisture.

Also remember to never bring charcoal grills indoors. Burning charcoal produces deadly carbon monoxide.

Summer yard work can mean dangerous machines, too. Keep small children out of the yard and never carry them on a riding mower.

Another summertime favorite for everyone is a swimming pool to keep you cool. However, when it comes to small children, residents should use layers of protection to guard swimming pools. This includes using door and pool alarms, and closely supervising children as well as being prepared in case of an emergency.

Have a safe and wonderful time during the summer, but keep these tips in mind.