City officials prepare for Hollywood, Glover

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mayor Dexter McLendon and city council members were all smiles during Monday night's meeting, just days after it was announced that a Hollywood feature film would start production in the county in September.

&#8220We're very excited about the movie,” said McLendon.

On Friday the Alabama Film Office and Butler County Commission for Economic Development jointly announced that

&#8220Honeydripper,” starring Danny Glover, would be filmed on site in Greenville, Georgiana and Forest Home.

&#8220We're looking forward to meeting Danny Glover,” said McLendon of the popular and versatile Hollywood actor. &#8220They're going to be here about three or four months in production so we're definitely going to feel some positive economic effects from this.”

In other business the council:

n Authorized bids for a new incinerator for animal control.

n Approved Resolution 2006-47 authorizing a retail beer license for Sarah Robinson D/B/A as S&W Food Mart at 1008 Fort Dale Rd.

n Approved the following expenditures: $2,488.50 for diesel fuel to Middleton Oil for Greenville Landfill construction project; $1,618.10 to ADAPCO for a 55 gallon drum of malathion to spray for mosquitoes; $3,061.20 to L.V. Stabler Hospital for medical treatment to city prisoner Norman L. Boggan; $1,043.50 to G&C Supply for 59 galvanized street posts for the street department; $2,491.96 to Ingram Equipment for an ejector cylinder for garbage truck No. 42.

n Voted to allow the city to clean up of eight pieces of residential property in weed and debris violations. McLendon said while mosquitoes have been somewhat of a nuisance this summer, the real problem this hot season has been with snakes. He said it is pertinent the city take action to clean up areas with heavy undergrowth and foliage.