Super Bowl Champs

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 15, 2006

The pinnacle of the sporting world for any athlete is to make it to the Super Bowl and win.

Naturally, with winning the &#8220big game” comes the accolades of being Super Bowl champs, but to the victors go the spoils.

Those spoils were raked in Thursday night when the Greenville YMCA Mighty Mite Tigers (6 - 8-year-old) and Termite Tigers (9 -10-year-old) team members were honored with a pizza party and Super Bowl rings for their Super Bowl wins last year.

The two teams play in the Bi-County Football League made up of teams from Butler, Lowndes and Conecuh Counties. The teams have participated in the league for seven years.

&#8220It was wonderful to see how excited the kids and the parents were,” YMCA Executive Director Amanda Phillips said. &#8220We've been offering the program for nine years and playing in the Bi-County League for seven years and we've now won three Super Bowls; one in 2004 and two in 2005.”

&#8220We were expecting the Mighty Mite Tigers to be in a rebuilding year, but there is so much talent on that team that they went 8-0. It was really exciting to watch,” she said.

The Mighty Mite Tigers, led by Arlyric &#8220Mr. Touchdown” Posey, 9, defeated the Evergreen Jaguars, 12-6, in the championship game to cap a perfect 8-0 season.

&#8220I was jumping around and I felt like doing a back flip,” the wide-eyed youngster said as he sipped a can of soda.

His dad, Jason Posey, coached his son and said it was special to see Arlyric be successful in something he enjoyed doing.

&#8220There couldn't be a better feeling in the world,” he said. &#8220After the win, he smiled at me and I smiled back.”

Elliott Lewis, who helped coach the Termite Tigers team to a 12-8 win over the Evergreen Jaguars, is in his seventh year coaching but this was the first time he had been a part of a team that won it all.

&#8220This was our third trip to the Super Bowl and we finally succeeded,” he said. &#8220After the game, we let them know we were real proud of them.”

Like Posey, Lewis had the experience of coaching his son, Jeremy, something the young man was proud of.

&#8220It felt real good to have my dad coach me,” said the younger Lewis, who played cornerback for the 7-1 Termites.

For Mighty Mites coach Willie Miller, his favorite memory from the final game was watching it all come together, just as he and his fellow coaches had planned for all year.

&#8220It was the fourth quarter, with 2:30 remaining. We got the ball and drove down the field trying to score and we did,” he said. &#8220Then our defense got on the field and held them to make us Super Bowl champs.”