New E-911 board put in place by county

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 20, 2006

New members for the Crenshaw County E-911 board were added at the regular Crenshaw County Commission meeting Monday morning. Commissioners Ricky McElwain, Ronnie Hudson and Charlie Sankey, Jr., were present. Chairman Ronnie Blackmon and

Commissioner Ed Beasley were absent.

Since the resignation of the E-911 board in late May, the commission has nominated and elected Paul Wooley as chairman, Terri Dewrell as vice-chairman, and Larry White as secretary-treasurer. Also appointed to the board were John McManigle, Sylvia Hall and Jace Morgan.

E-911 Director Ben Pynes addressed the commission Monday morning concerning the projected budget for the upcoming year.

&#8220Our goal is to have every citizen in the county to pay his fair share so there is a shared proportion all across the county for E-911 and not just have one or two main sources of income,” Commissioner Ronnie Hudson said.

Hudson also thanked Sheriff Charles West and his deputies for the good job they did during the holiday weekends.

Probate Judge Jim Perdue took the commissioners on a tour of the old library building, which currently houses the OCAP office and the Veterans' Administration office. Perdue discussed refurbishing the building with a new conference center and county commission chambers upstairs, plus new administrative offices. He also said there could be a new break room renovated in the old kitchen area downstairs.

Commissioner Ricky McElwain said that they needed to look into the costs of purchasing a new building versus renovating the old library building.

Perdue discussed expanding the probate office in the courthouse because of the possibility of a one-stop tag office in the future.

No decision was made about the future use of the building during Monday's meeting.

In other business, the commission approved Selena Fowler in place of Dot Johnson on the Hospital Board. They also reappointed Jimmy Mason to the county commission personnel board.

The commission also approved the motion to keep the county's current insurance policy and not to take out terrorism insurance.

County engineer Benjie Sanders discussed his concerns with Commissioner Charlie Sankey about the fact that Garnersville Road had not been bladed by a particular time.

&#8220I'm not trying to make excuses,” Sanders said. &#8220I've had several other small projects that have taken away time from the Garnersville Road blading.”

&#8220When my constituents think we're going to do something, and we don't do it, that hurts my credibility as a commissioner,” Sankey said. &#8220My people think I'm lying to them. All I wanted was for us to get the job done.”

Sanders explained that he reserved emergencies for trees down in the road or a road that had been washed away.

&#8220I could not justify calling a man out at 4 p.m. on a Friday for what I considered a non-emergency,” Sanders said.

Sanders also said that he was doing his best to see about the Bradleyton-Helicon van for the community.

&#8220However, I don't have authority over the maintenance of the county vans,” he said. &#8220I'm just trying to clear the air about these issues. When it comes to the van, parts have to be ordered, and that takes time.”

Sankey said that he didn't &#8220pick on people.”

&#8220I'm just looking for answers,” he said.