Beauties take a #8216;Walk in New Orleans#039;

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 29, 2006

Though this past Saturday evening may have been stormy, for members of the audience inside the Luverne High School auditorium, all was fun and festive, for audience members journeyed to the &#8220Big Easy,” and arrived in the midst of Mardi Gras. This transformation occurred at the 2006 Crenshaw Farmer's Federation &#8220Miss Agriculture” and Talent Search.

Amid hues of bold purple, green, and gold, an elegant giant gold ,feathery and shimmering Mardi Gras mask provided a mesmerizing backdrop for ten beautiful young ladies to grace center stage.

Young ladies competing for the title of Crenshaw County's Miss Agriculture were Mallory McDougald, Haley Williams, Courtney Smyth, Lacy Phillips, Kayla Sanders, Charli Holmes, Destin Kilcrease, Cody McLeod, Noel Pittman, and Alexis Bell. Emcees for the evening were Jae Fox and Anna Marie Wolfe.

Prior to the grand entrance of the &#8220Miss Agriculture” contestants, the audience was entertained by the Talent Search participants, and competition was steep.

The first act consisted of the band, Highway 29, and their riveting performance of the song, &#8220Higher.”

Members of the group are Foster Carpenter, Jason Norsworthy, Jarrod Stone, and Matthew Youngblood.

&#8220Miss Agriculture” contestant Lacy Phillips, attired in an eye-catching bright pink fringed cowgirl outfit complete with a cowgirl hat, performed a high-spirited and energetic clogging routine.

The final act in the talent competition portion of the program was a powerful solo performance by Lacy Johnson.

Lacy performed the song, &#8220Unchained Melody”, in a commanding and melodious voice which effectively showcased her singing talent.

Audience members were then treated to the impressive entrance of the beautiful contestants as Miss Agriculture 2005, Anna Marie Wolfe, led the group's lively entrance into the auditorium as they arrived center stage to the accompaniment of &#8220When the Saints Go Marching In.” The &#8220good times rolled,” as each contestant, dressed in black capris or shorts

and a colorful Mardi Gras tee shirt accessorized with Mardi Gras beads, introduced herself to an enthusiastic crowd.

Following the introduction of the highly qualified pageant judges, the striking young ladies were presented to the audience in casual wear.

Each contestant selected a casual wear outfit to reflect her unique personality.

The next stop in the &#8220Mardi Gras” adventure was entertainment provided by Miss Brandi Rolling, Mrs. Lisa Rolling, and the clogging group, &#8220She-Bang.” Each act performed with much talent to an enthusiastic crowd. From song to dance, Mardi Gras was in full swing.

The grand finale of the journey was the marvelous performance by the beauties as adorned in exquisite evening gowns and vibrantly hued and feathered Mardi Gras masks, they &#8220razzle-dazzled” their spectators with a spectacular evening gown presentation to the accompaniment of the musical selection, &#8220Razzle-Dazzle” from the award winning broadway show, &#8220Chicago.”

As the judges were excused to make their selections, Mr. Ben Fox entertained the audience with a medley of musical selections. A particular favorite of the crowd was his rendition of &#8220Mustang Sally,” in which the enthused Mardi Gras revelers were given the opportunity to sing along with him.

Miss Anna Marie Wolfe, &#8220Miss Agriculture 2005,” graced the stage with her presence in her final walk prior to the announcement of this year's winners.

Destin Kilcrease was selected as Most Photogenic and Casual Wear winner. Cody McLeod was chosen as Miss Congeniality. Activities and Interview winner was awarded to Mallory McDougald. Haley Williams was selected as Poise and Appearance winner.

Miss Anna Marie Wolfe presented three exquisite young ladies with the judges' final decision as follows:

Second Runner-Up, Miss Haley Williams, First-Runner-Up, Miss Destin Kilcrease, and finally, &#8220Miss Agriculture-2006,”

Miss Mallory McDougald.

Mallory is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McDougald of Luverne.

She will travel to Mobile in December to represent Crenshaw County in the state competition.

Miss McDougald also was selected as Crenshaw County's Junior Miss, so she has much traveling to anticipate as she represents Crenshaw County.

When asked to describe herself in three words as part of this competition, she chose the words, &#8220happy,” &#8220energetic,” and &#8220loyal.”

Another group of excited young people were the winners of the Talent Search component of the competition.

The band, Highway 29, comprised of Foster Carpenter, Jason Norsworthy, Jarrod Stone, and Matthew Youngblood, will also be traveling to Mobile in December.

Mrs. Janice Hollis, the program director, would like to extend special thanks to the following:

Lisa's Jewelry Box for the beautiful Queen's crown, Miss Anna Marie Wolfe, Steppin Out, Mrs. Doris Rogers, The Art Room, Flowers by Michelle, Kayla Sanders, Destin Kilcrease and Vernon Moody for the stage decorations, Ben Fox for sound and lighting, and The Crenshaw County Farmers Federation Directors and Women's Committee.