Dean has #8216;vision#039; for Georgiana students

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 29, 2006

For Joseph Dean, his new position as principal at Georgiana High is &#8220almost like a dream come true.”

The Monroeville native and Alabama State University graduate started out a decade ago as a coach and classroom teacher.

&#8220I got the opportunity to progress and become an administrator. Serving as an assistant principal under Dr. Kathy Murphy at Greenville High was very, very instrumental in getting me where I am today,” Dean said.

Excited to be tapped for the position by Superintendent Mike Looney, he is thrilled at the chance to take the helm of the south Butler high school.

&#8220I'm overjoyed at being given this opportunity. I have a vision for the students here – to provide a learning experience that will help them develop into lifelong learners.”

Dean believes the new Distance Learning Center being put into place on the Georgiana campus will help students achieve that dream.

The program will allow students to access courses in, for example, science, math and foreign language not previously offered at the school.

&#8220We're going to be able to take students to horizons they never knew existed. Kids right here in rural Butler County will be able to take virtual field trips to Europe, to NASA headquarters…that's going to be very exciting,” the principal said with a smile.

&#8220We'll also be able to show them what college life is all about while they are young. I think they will be more accepting and open to it.”

With the DLS Program, the recent improvements to the stadium and other athletic facilities, and new coaches and teachers on staff, Dean is hoping all will work hand in hand in bringing &#8220a new attitude for students.”

&#8220You've got to work to present them with a better, bigger, brighter picture…let them see each class and experience as a stepping stone to something better down the road for them,” the new principal said.

As he enters his 11th year as an educator, Dean is convinced you get what you expect out of life.

&#8220Have high expectations for your students and faculty. Believe they can do anything they are challenged to do.”

In his free time, the new Georgiana High School principal has varied interests, including writing, cooking and weight lifting.

The divorced father of a daughter and son, Tiara, seven and Jabari, four, Dean is currently commuting from his home in Monroeville. He says he is actively looking for a home in the Georgiana area.

&#8220I want to settle in here where I can be even more involved. I guess you could say I now consider myself married to Georgiana High.”