First year teacher enthused about career choice

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 21, 2006

There are 17 live wires decked out in navy, khaki and white in Stephanie Myrick's classroom at W. O. Parmer Elementary School.

Her first graders are full of energy and enthusiasm, each hoping to be the student chosen to pop the balloon at the end of the school day.

&#8220The student who puts out his or her best effort – not necessarily the one who makes 100 percent on everything, but the one who behaves well and tries hard – gets to pop the balloon…they just love it,” the Greenville native said with a smile.

After internships at Greenville Middle School and Greenville Elementary, Myrick, a graduate of Greenville High School and AUM, is settling in to her first year as a first grade teacher.

She has discovered there is still lots to learn.

&#8220I'm learning all the ways the curriculum is supposed to be done, all the routines and procedures…and learning the different personalities within the classroom. It's a lot,” she admitted as she neared the end of her first full week teaching.

She has discovered something else in those seven days.

&#8220I love it. I absolutely do. I can't imagine doing anything else,” Myrick said as she looked around her colorful classroom.

&#8220This is a wonderful school to work for. There's not a single first grade teacher has not offered to help me in some way,” the new teacher said.

&#8220Whether they've been here one year or 15 years, they've been so encouraging and supportive.”

With a good support system in place at the school, Myrick said her biggest challenge will be helping each child be the best they can be.

&#8220I really want to help all the children reach their full potential and be all they can be this year, to help prepare them for next year.”