BCMP hosts Powers#039; #8220Pyramid of Death by Fire#8221;

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 26, 2006

Professional stuntman Kenny Powers has performed many stunts over the years, but what he has planned Saturday night should top the cake, or burn it down trying.

Powers will perform what he is calling the &#8220Pyramid of Death by Fire” at the Butler County Motorsports Park for the first time ever Saturday night.

Powers, who refused to identify his age, has performed more than 1,700 stunts in his career and Saturday night's will be the next to the last stunt he performs before retiring.

Over the years, Powers has broken nearly every bone in his body except his neck and has a toolbox full of metal attached to his skeleton.

Powers is held together by 36 metal pins, a plate in his hand and head, three plastic vertebrae and his stomach is wired together.

Even though Powers is planning on retiring after two more stunts, he has saved the best for last.

Saturday's stunt set up will go like this: Powers, dressed in just a fire suit and a helmet, or as he calls it a &#8220brain bucket,” will get strapped down in the 1994 Oldsmobile he will be driving courtesy of Chesser's Auto Salvage, which he has never driven, and the take one lap before being strapped down once again.

&#8220I haven't driven the car yet, and I don't want to,” Powers said.

Next, Powers will drive around to turn two where he will stop and say a prayer.

&#8220I say my thing and I ask God to have his own way,” Powers said. &#8220It's kind of a respect thing between me and him.”

Powers will then get strapped down once more before taking on the &#8220Pyramid of Death by Fire.”

The pyramid will consist of a car sitting horizontal on the ground with two cars stacked vertical and leaning on each other on top of the bottom car to create a pyramid.

The pyramid will be soaked with 15 gallons of gas and lit aflame, resulting in 30-foot flames, as Powers starts his acceleration.

Powers will attempt to get his car to the ideal speed of 74 mph before striking the ramp which will send his car through the bottom car, splitting it in half and throwing the top two cars out to the side, before going end-over-end to what he hopes will be a safe landing.

&#8220Bo Thaggard has a beautiful track and I am going to get happy, and when I say I am going to get happy, I am going to get fast,” Powers said. &#8220After it is over, I am going to jump out and yell, ‘Hello Alabama- pay me Bo Thaggard.'”

The speed Powers will hit should actually be closer to 90 mph, but Powers said it will all depend on how he feels Saturday night in the car.

The regular races will begin at 8 p.m. Saturday night and Powers' stunt will cap the evening.

&#8220I have to go last because we know there will be some debris,” Powers said.

‘NASCAR' Ron, who works with the Butler County Motorsports Park, said he expects a big crowd for the event.

&#8220With Kenny performing and being off Labor Day weekend, I believe we will (have a big crowd,” Ron said.

For those who aren't there early to get a seat, Powers said he has something special.

&#8220If you don't get a seat, I will let you ride with me,” Powers said jokingly.

Saturday's stunt is surely to be a fiery experience and an event no one will want to miss.

&#8220No one has ever tried this and if I thought I would break a fingernail, I wouldn't get into that car,” Powers said.