FDA student chosen as Senate page

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Greenville teen has been chosen for a prestigious honor and opportunity of a lifetime.

Evelyn Poole, a student at Fort Dale Academy, will be leaving in early September for Washington, D.C.

She will spend a semester serving as Senate page for U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions.

Poole, the daughter of Cleve and Faye Poole, said in an interview this week she and her parents are &#8220very excited” about the five months she will spend studying and working in the nation's capitol.

The teen's schedule will be a fast-paced one.

Poole will be attending classes in American Literature, American History, Chemistry and Pre-Calculus each morning from 6:15 to 9:30 or so, &#8220depending upon when the Senate meets.”

Once her schoolwork is done, &#8220the pages will be conducting tours on a daily basis, along with delivering documents, filing and other duties,” Poole explained.

To prepare for her days at the Capitol, she was given a &#8220face book” of senators and representatives to study.

Once she arrives in Washington, Poole and her fellow pages will live in a dormitory within walking distance of the Capitol.

Sharing living space with three other girls will give the teen an early taste of college life.

The pages will also be involved in field trips and team-building activities, events Poole said will allow her to get to know the other teens.

Having visited the nation's capitol previously on one of W.S. Godwin's educational tours and seen its highlights, Poole said she is looking forward to gaining a more in-depth knowledge of the way our nation works.

&#8220I feel this experience is going to bring opportunities and open doors for me in ways I couldn't imagine. The opportunity to see how our country operates first hand, that's going to be great.”

Poole was nominated for consideration as a Senate page by her uncle, Calvin Poole of Greenville, after he was contacted by one of Sessions' offices.

&#8220Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist had asked Senator Sessions if he wanted a page, and the senator then contacted his offices to look for rising high school juniors as possible candidates,” Poole said.

&#8220Uncle Calvin submitted my name, I filled out some forms – and they called me back.”

Poole believes it was her family's &#8220strong conservative views” along with the luck of the draw that earned her the coveted spot.

FDA Headmaster David Brantley calls Evie an &#8220outstanding young lady” and says he isn't surprised she was chosen as Sessions' first Senate page.

&#8220This honor is just further verification of what a top-notch student and person Evie is; it speaks volumes.

It's really a tremendous honor for Evie and for our state, community and school. We are very, very proud of her,” Brantley said.