Panthers pound J.F. Shields in jamboree game

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 26, 2006

They may have been outsized, but they weren't outplayed.

Donald Ray Mixon's Georgiana Panthers emerged victorious Thursday night over J.F. Shields, 22-6, in the Panthers' last tune up before the season opener at Greenville Thursday night at 7 p.m.

First-year head coach Mixon said he was pleased with the overall effort of his team, but he also saw some areas that need to be worked on.

&#8220Offensively, our timing wasn't there and we're still looking for a tight end and a fullback,” Mixon said. &#8220We can definitely improve.”

Quarterback Andre Paige converted several big plays for the Panthers and Mixon said the junior leader is starting to show signs of his potential.

&#8220Andre played a good game and he made a lot of good decisions,” Mixon said. &#8220Andre played a smart game.”

On the defensive side of the ball, Mixon was impressed with the intensity his team showed when matching up with the clearly larger J.F. Shields lineup.

One player Mixon said that stood out on the defense was Ronald Scott.

&#8220Ronald is a defensive player,” Mixon said. &#8220He hits you a ton and he hit like a 200-pound man (Thursday) night.”

Following Thursday's victory, Mixon said he hopes his team has gained some confidence and are finally seeing that hard work pays off.

&#8220We are benefiting from the weight room and I told them it will start to show,” Mixon said.

Next week, the Panthers will return to the practice field in preparation for Thursday's showdown with Greenville at Tiger Stadium in the &#8220Battle of Butler County.”

Mixon said his Panthers have nothing to lose in this 2006 opening game and everything to gain.

&#8220We've got nothing to lose next weekŠ we've got everything to gain by playing a big (Class) 5A school like Greenville,” Mixon said. &#8220It's already an honor just to play the Greenville Tigers.”

Mixon said his team and coaches are excited about the Thursday kickoff with the Tigers and he hopes his team will continue to show the intensity they showed during the J.F. Shields game.

&#8220We are going to play hard and we are going to be competitive,” Mixon said.Panthers pound J.F. Shields in jamboree game