Two injured in fight at Sharday#039;s Club

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Luverne woman received serious injuries resulting from an alleged attack by five other females at Sharday's Club, located on the LaPine Highway in Grady.

On Aug. 6, Lakeshia Harris, 23, received serious injuries, including a three-inch long cut on her forehead, a cut on the right side of her nose, several lacerations on her hands and arms, and a severe cut to the left side of her face that was approximately 14 inches long and one to two inches wide, according to the Crenshaw County Sheriff's report.

Angela McClain, 30, of Luverne, and Sabrina Shanell Wood, 33, of Luverne, were arrested and charged with first-degree assault. Samantha Hamilton, 37, was arrested and charged with third-degree assault.

&#8220At this time, we have outstanding warrants that have been signed on two other females, but those warrants have not been executed as of yet,” Crenshaw County Sheriff Charles West said. &#8220Those arrests are still pending.”

West said that the two females would also be charged with first-degree assault.

Harris was held overnight at the Crenshaw County Hospital's emergency room until she was transported to L.V. Stabler Hospital in Greenville for surgery.

McClain also received injuries and received treatment at the CCH emergency room, according to the sheriff's report. McClain received three lacerations to her left arm, a stab wound on her right arm and two stab wounds to her back.

West said that McClain came into the sheriff's office on Aug. 7 to sign a second-degree assault warrant against Harris. Harris was then arrested on Aug. 8 and released on bond.