County may receive #036;60,000 grant from homeland security

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 14, 2006

Special to the Journal

Crenshaw County homeland security officials met recently with Alabama Homeland Security Director Jim Walker to lay out their spending plan for grant dollars received through the fiscal year 2006 State Homeland Security Grant Program.

Crenshaw County is set to receive over $60,000 to spend on homeland security planning, training, exercises, and equipment.

Under a plan approved by Governor Bob Riley, every Alabama county will receive funding to improve its ability to prevent, protect, and respond to terrorism-related activities.

&#8220The safety of all Alabamians is our highest priority,” said Gov. Riley.

&#8220All 67 counties in Alabama will receive homeland security grants this year.

We work with every county to help each make important improvements in their homeland security capabilities and county programs.”

The Crenshaw County proposal, agreed to by county, municipality, and public safety officials throughout the county, requests the purchase of information technology equipment, physical security equipment, and a public warning system to assist in county homeland security efforts.

&#8220In Crenshaw County, through homeland security funding, we've seen a tremendous change that has moved us into the 21st century.

We now have interoperable communications that allow all first responders to talk to one another and an emergency response trailer that can assist in responding to any emergency,” said Anita West, Crenshaw County Homeland Security Point of Contact and EMA Director.

&#8220Mr. Walker has been a great help to Crenshaw County, and we are very appreciative of this funding.”

&#8220As Senator representing Crenshaw County, I want to thank Alabama Department of Homeland Security Director Jim Walker and Governor Bob Riley for making this money available for this meaningful purpose in my district,” said State Senator Wendell Mitchell (D-Luverne).

In June 2006, Alabama received the highest possible effectiveness rating for a state homeland security program, as determined by the US Department of Homeland Security and a panel of over 100 experts from around the country.

&#8220With strong cooperation and leadership from our counties, we will only get better,” said Director Walker.